Get Off Your Broom Fitness Challenge - Week Four

Today is the week for check in for the "Get Off Your Broom Fitness Challenge" that I found over at the Domestic Pagan.

This week my numbers are

Chest 37 in
Waist 34 in
Hips 41 in
Thighs 21 in
Arm 12.5 in

Last week
Chest 37 in
Waist 33 in
Hips 41 in
Thighs 21 in
Arms 12.5 in

Pretty much stayed the same except for a slight gain on the waist line. Hrmmm wrong direction. Looking forward to better numbers next week.


Diandra said...

Well, a gain at the waist does nto necessarily have to be a weight gain through fat... could be water (depending on your hormones).

Sosanna said...

Hrmmm good point Diandra, thanks for helping me look at this as not so much a negative! And I did drop 2 inches last week. I can't expect it every week. I'm really more interested in toning up anyway. If my waist doesn't get any smaller, I'm good. Beats the hell out of the 50 inches it used to be!