Hail Montana!

From coast to coast, across fields and streams, we're making our way around all fifty of our glorious states. Today's stop is getting a leg up on the DC-40 Prayer Initiative's next stop Montana! Leave your comments to show support for this great state here, or head over to our Facebook group "What Makes Your State Great" and follow our road trip around the US.

My facts and trivia come from 50states.com.

Hail Montana!

The state boasts the largest breeding population of trumpeter swans in the lower United States. The Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area contains as many as 300,000 snow geese and 10,000 tundra swans during migration. At the Rocky Mountain Front Eagle Migration Area west of Great Falls more golden eagles have been seen in a single day than anywhere else in the country.

Flathead Lake in northwest Montana contains over 200 square miles of water and 185 miles of shoreline. It is considered the largest natural freshwater lake in the west. The density of the state is six people per square mile.

The Montana Yogo Sapphire is the only North American gem to be included in the Crown Jewels of England. The photo above is a shot of Kate Middleton's engagement ring, which includes a Yoga Sapphire.


Just south of Billings, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and his troops made their last stand. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument features the Plains Indians and United States military involved in the historic battle.


Montana is home to seven Indian reservations. The first inhabitants of Montana were the Plains Indians.


The Assiniboine tribe
The Blackfeet tribe
The Cheyenne tribe
The Crow tribe
The Gros Ventre tribe
The Kootenai tribe
The Salish tribe
The Sioux tribe
The Shoshoni tribe

To learn more about our nations first people, visit firstpeople.us.

Montana Indian Hall of Fame Promo from Sprout Films on Vimeo.

Montana has a bloody and painful history. It shows how we can be very brutal to each other. We do not need to take away our brother's rights in order to maintain our own. Sending loving and healing energies to the great state of Montana.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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