Hail Wisconsin!

Happy Saturday! Today we're setting our sights on DC40's next target. The great state of Wisconsin.

If you'd like to add your comments about Wisconsin you can do that here, or head over to the Facebook group "What Makes Your State Great?". There will be lively discussion, posts and comments all around each of the DC40 targets through out the rest of the month and into the first part of November. We welcome facts, figures, photos and well wishers of all types and from any or no religion.

As always my facts come from 50states.com

 Now let's get moving.

Hail Wisconsin!

Wisconsin visitors and residents enjoy the state's 7,446 streams and rivers. End-to-end they'd stretch 26,767 miles. That is more than enough to circle the globe at the equator. Wisconsin's Door County has five state parks and 250 miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan. These figures represent more than any other county in the country.

The House on the Rock was designed and built in the early 1940s. It is considered an architectural marvel and is perched on a 60-foot chimney of rock. The 14-room house is now a complex of rooms, streets, buildings, and gardens covering over 200 acres. The Infinity Room contains 3,264 windows.

Wisconsin produces more milk than any other state. Monroe is the Swiss Cheese Capital of the World. Sheboygan is the Bratwurst Capital of the World. Milwaukee is home of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

The origins of the word “Milwaukee” are disputed; it may come from the Potawatomi “Mahn-ah-wauk,” meaning council grounds of the Potawatomi; “Mah-an-wauk-seepe,” meaning gathering place of rivers; or the Algonquian “Milo-aki,” meaning beautiful land.

Read more: Milwaukee, Wis. — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0108558.html#ixzz1bVsh3DHA

Green Bay is Wisconsin's oldest city and the home of the reigning Super Bowl Champs - Green Bay Packers.
The name "Wisconsin" is an Algonquian Indian word from the Ojibwe name for the Wisconsin River, Wishkonsing.


The original inhabitants of Wisconsin are:

The Dakota Sioux tribe

The Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) tribe

The Menominee tribe

The Ojibwe tribe (also known as Chippewa, Ojibway, or Ojibwa)

The Potawatomi tribe

The Fox and Sauk tribes

Today I'm including a video from youtube called "Ojibwe Prayer Song". The poster says there are only pictures of the Ojibwe tribe in the video. The music is wonderful.

As we look at today, think about what we want to be remember. Send out positive energy, send out happiness and prayers for the future. Sending light and love to the great state of Wisconsin.

Namaste & Blessed Be!

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