Hail North Carolina!

Today I'm getting ready for the NAR to head over to my home state of North Carolina! I have written a special blessing for North Carolina in my Notes on Facebook. If you'd like to share your stories on North Carolina or our other upcoming states, head over to the Facebook group "What Makes Your State Great?" or leave your comments here.

I usually pull facts from 50states.com, however today I'm going to focus a bit more on my personal experiences here.

Hail North Carolina!

I live in a little town called Seven Springs. Seven Springs is the oldest town in Wayne county and was founded by my seventh great grandfather William Whitfield II on my mother's side. He purchased and area called "Whitehall". That was later changed to Seven Springs because of the healing powers of the natural springs that are located in the area. In 1862, The Battle of Whitehall was fought here. Today there is a memorial to fallen soldiers next to the grave where my seventh great grandfather is buried.

Seven Springs is a very small town today. In 2006 our population was at 86. These are some photos of the town itself. There is not even a gas station in town, however we do have a post office, one resturant, a feed and supply store and that's it!

Just about a mile down the road from me is Cliffs of the Neuse State Park. This park is on land that was originally owned by the Whitfield family and was donated to the state to preserve the areas around the Neuse River.

These are photos that I have taken of the Neuse just about 50 yards from my front door.

I was born and raised here, but moved to San Diego for about 6 years. I met my hubby there and he wanted seasons. So now we have seasons. Here are a few pics of our place at different seasons.

From the first day we stopped to look at the house...

Until what I see every morning when I look out at the sun rise...

I know that I do love living here.

Sending love and protection out to the great state of North Carolina, the Tarheel State, my home.

Namaste & Blessed Be


Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Hooray! I love visiting North Carolina and spend every Easter on Topsail Island. My favorite witch co sponsors the Fruitcakes out of Raleigh and I've been to more PPD's down there than up here in MD/DC.

Hail, North Carolina!

AmethJera said...

Well, whatever the thought they did to us today, it didn't work. Just like all their other craziness and boasting- nothing happened because they were fended off by the common sense and goodness of people.

Ruth Rocchio said...

Indeed I think these boneheads, blaming the anti-christ for everything that they don't get, is quite old. We can return their energy to them exactly as sent. Blessed Be and Bless our state!