Hail South Carolina!

I look forward to the messages posted here and in the Facebook Group "What Makes Your State Great?" every day. This journey has been amazing. I've learned so many things about this great land of ours. I've seen sorrows and joys. I've learned of proud moments and some very sad moments in this great land. We are not perfect. We make mistakes; however the ability to recognize these mistakes and learn from them is what makes us who we are.

 As always my facts come from 50states.com.

Headed back down south we're going to kick of today with love and protection to the great state of South Carolina!

Hail South Carolina!!


South Carolina entered the Union on May 23, 1788 and became the 8th state. The first battle of the Civil War took place at Fort Sumter.

South Carolina's smallest county is McCormick at 360 square miles while the largest county is Horry at 1,134 square miles

The Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel was started in 1856 by a railroad company and is bored for more than a mile into the granite heart of fabled Stumphouse Mountain. The coming of the Civil War in 1859 ended the work on the project. Some years ago, Clemson University made Blue Mold Cheese in the tunnel successfully for the first time in the South.

A noble Catawba Indian who befriended early Camden settlers, King Haiglar is often called "The Patron Saint of Camden." Today, he reigns over Camden in the form of a life-sized weather vane which graces the tower of what once was the circa-1886 Opera House.


Check out 50states.com for great info on South Carolina and all of our wonderful states!


The original inhabitants of South Carolina are:

The Catawba tribe
The Cherokee tribe
The Creek tribe
The Yuchi tribe
The Cusabo and Edisto tribes
Various Carolina Siouan bands including the
Chicora, PeeDee, Waccamaw, and Santee

This video gives a brief description of the tribes of South Carolina and explains some of the clothes worn.

Sending light, love and protection to the great state of South Carolina.

Namaste & Blessed Be!

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