New Moon Rising

Over this last month plus I've been working with a group that was battling the New Apostolic Reformation's DC-40 self proclaimed prayer siege on our nation. Each day a group of us added blog posts and shared positive thoughts in a Facebook Group called "What Makes Your State Great?".

Today we're approaching two significant occurrences. One the coming of the New Moon and two Mercury will go into retrograde.

The new moon is a time for rejuvenation and a time for newness. I received an email from the organizer of the Hail Columbia site with information on a rite being requested by Caroline Kenner, organizer of the Celebration of the Divine Feminine in Washington DC.

The email contained a suggestion for all who can to send back this energy sent to us and to our nation using the New Moons energy to return it to its origin exactly as it had be sent out. I'd like to include the text of that email here:

Dear Ones, as promised, here is suggested language for returning to sender all the prayers and curses sent out by the New Apostolic Reformation during the past 51 days. If this spell is used as written, there should be no blowback. In general, "return to sender" spells are seen as ethically neutral by most Pagans. This is not a curse, it's more like faster Karma. Please be careful of your spelling in the spell, it is important: this is a contract with the Gods. If you decide to follow your own guidance, my advice would be to avoid putting yourself in the spell and simply ask our deities for help.

By the Power of (Insert favorite matron/patron deity here) all negative prayers and curses issued by the New Apostolic Reformation, including all so called prayer intercessors who took part in the DC40/51 Days of Reformation Intercession campaign between October 3rd, 2011 and November 22nd, 2011 shall be returned to their source and origin intact exactly as they were sent. By the Power of (insert favorite deity here) and the Powers of The Queen of Heaven, Columbia, Lady Liberty and Nemesis, so mote it be.

You can write this with a Sharpie marker on a plain white glass-enclosed novena-type candle easily purchased at many grocery stores, botanicas, metaphysical shops, etc. Set the candle to burn and leave it to go out, which may take a couple of days. I set mine in a bowl of water or in the bathtub. Or you can write it on a piece of parchment or paper, pray the spell aloud and burn it outside. The best window of time in which to perform this spell is from tonight at 12:01am on Wednesday, November 23rd until the New Moon begins on Thursday, November 24th. The New Moon begins 1:11:08am Eastern Standard time on Friday morning, but in the far west, the New Moon begins at 10:11:08pm Thursday night.

If you're able to spare some energy and take part in this cyber circle, it will certainly all go for a good cause. So starting tonight in the West take a moment to start a special circle for this action or add this energy back to your current new moon ritual.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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