A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

So as many of you know I am a solitary. I chose this route long ago mostly based on the fact that I couldn't find a great number of like minded people where I lived. I didn't chose to be solitary for lack of people skills or because I feared any type of connection with others. In fact I long to have that connection. I want to be in touch with others who share my views and thoughts. People that I can sit down with, talk and share my life without fear of judgment or ridicule.

I know welcoming other people into your life can create good as well as bad. Adding beliefs and energies from others into your life can be challenging. It can lead to a whole new learning experience or it can create havoc on your life.

Be careful of those that are intolerant of others. Even in the Pagan community you can see bigotry and hatred. Be mindful of others feelings and don't hurt others on purpose. Remember the law of three and send out good positive energy. And remember your rights end where mine begin.

I want to share a story that was posted just a few days ago.

Namaste and Blessed Be