The Harder I Try...

The harder I try, the harder it seems to become....

So today my mother was supposed to be released from the hospital.  I arrived there all ready to get the move started.  The social worker finally arrived just before lunch to let me know that she couldn't be moved today.  ARG!  Well, it's probably for the best, she isn't maintaining her O2 levels on normal room air so she's having to have oxygen anyway.

As quickly as I could I zipped back to Goldsboro to finish up some other errands.  About six or eight months ago my mother allowed my sister and her boyfriend to take her car to use.  I have no issue with that, they are a young couple with small kids and need transportation.  Today I sent a text asking to pick up the key to my mother's storage to pick up her coat.  My sister told me to come get them.  After about 25 minutes on the road I'm told that her boyfriend doesn't want me on his property.  Feeling a bit shocked I sent a message back that I didn't have time for all this nonsense and I was coming to get the keys.  While I'm there (standing off his property) my hubby starts checking the car out.  Both tail lights busted out, axle laying on the ground, tire off.  Ummmm that's not right.  So we get in the car to leave and I get all these texts from her boyfriend, baby daddy, whatever you want to call him that I'm trespassing and he's calling the law on YALL.

I head over to a car place to see if I can get a tow truck, but sadly it's after 5 pm and that's just not going to happen today.  So I resign to the fact that what ever happens to the car happens.  About half hour later I get a call from my sister telling me that I have to have the car out of the yard tonight, or "HE" is going to tear it up, junk it, call the law blah blah blah.  Really?  I've spent 1/2 a day at the hospital with our mother.  I'm trying to get the bills handled and deal with the doctors.  I'm sending out information in texts to everyone and being the contact and NOW I have to deal with this garbage.... Really??  Really???  

I called our local Sheriff's office to let them know what's going on and to ask if I need to be concerned about his threat to call the law on me.  They advised me that not only do I not have to worry about his threats that if he damages the car he will be charged with destruction of private property.  Hopefully it won't come to that.  I have to wonder though what exactly has he been told that he felt the need to send threatening messages to me out of the blue when I don't even know the guy.

It's not like I have a hugely close relationship with him or my sister.  Just boggles the mind.  Trust me, had I had my toad wand today... home boy would be croaking at this very moment!

Tonight I have to get my day planned as it appears I'll need another off from work to handle all the crap I have going on.  How is it that just 2 weeks ago I hardly spoke to her and this week I can't have one conversation without her being included in it.

I have to say however today she was very pleasant.  I don't think she remembers what happened while I was living at home.  I think she's in such an advanced state of dementia that she really has no clue at all.  Maybe this will be a time for me to create some new memories.  Maybe I can create something positive from all this chaos.  The harder I try, the more I learn that I can only control two things.  What I say and What I do.

Sending light and love

Namaste & Blessed Be

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Diandra said...

Wow. Sometimes family sucks. And we don't even get a say in what kind of people they want to live with. :-(