Making Lemonaid

So January has been a major pain in my tush.  Over the last few weeks my world has been turned upside down. My estranged mother had to move in with us and I had to rush hubby to the ER to have an emergency appendectomy.

As he was being rolled out of the room to go into sugar, my sweetie yells back, "Go eat dinner!".  Always worried about me.  I smiled.  I went to the hospital cafeteria and found they were serving fried chicken and fried tator tots.  Can't imagine why anyone is sick here! (LOL)  I ended up down at Subway for a veggie delight on flat bread.  I sat there pondering my life if anything happened to him.  If he didn't come out of surgery ok what would I do?  A dear friend came over and sat with me for a while to be sure I was ok.

Over the next two hours I sat with my Uncle in the hospital room and updated our Facebook family on his status.  He rolled into the room opened his eyes a bit and said, see I told you I'd be back.  My sweetie, always the hero.  Today hopefully I'll be bringing him home.  I'm a bit annoyed at the ER doctor that told us that he had stomach flu.  Interestingly enough, he ordered an injection of MORPHINE for this "stomach flu".  I had no idea that you could just go in the ER with stomach flu and get morphine.  Just blows my mind.  Needless to say there will be a serious follow up to this event.  At least however, for now he's safe and doing well.  We appreciate all the love that was sent to us in the form of family visits, phone calls, text messages and Facebook. (((((ALL))))

My other exciting event was that my mother moved in Thursday night after a blood sugar of 20 put her in the emergency room, while there she suffered a series of strokes that led her to Wake Med in Raleigh.    She has been a diabetic for years and was on a type of insulin that works over time.  Apparently this medicine lowered her sugar incredibly low and that's why she ended up in the ER.  Now, not sure if the strokes were related because she has several other health issues.  Many obesity related. Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Deafness, Blindness, and the list goes on.  So, since Friday morning hubby (Responsible Omnivore) and I (Vegetarian) have been in complete control of her diet.
There's no fast food here people!  My mother wanted a cheese burger so I drove to Wilson, got a pound of grass feed meat and made it for her.  She wanted tomato soup, have you see what's in tomato soup?  I found Image Bistro - a fire roasted organic tomato soup.  Great tasting and Guess What?  It's Organic!

Previously, My mother had blood sugars as high as 400.  I've even seen her put one piece of food in her mouth and break out sweating profusely.  Not any longer! Over the last few days we've been watching what she eats and keeping a food/blood sugar journal.  I've been able to allow her to see what's actually happening with her body. Well as much as the dementia will allow.  Saturday while I was at the book signing in Wilson, "SOMEONE" got her a Cheddar Bo from Bojangles.  That's right folks over 360 calories in one biscuit!  That's more than is in a candy bar!  That evening we took the sugar and it was 187 (low for her record) but HIGH based on what we'd been having which were around 112 - 130.  Sunday she said, I'd really like a small piece of chocolate.  I had some chocolate from London that my daughter sent, no GMOs no extra crap so I let her have a piece the size of a quarter.  BAM! Sweats, shakes and that night her sugar was 198.  She looked at the monitor and said, no more chocolate huh?  I said, well, it's bad huh? She said yes, it's bad.  So she is getting it.  And that's a very very good thing.

I'm still working on getting the finances in order and all the paperwork, it's amazingly incredibly stupid how hard it is to get medicaid for someone.  Any person who things you can just walk in and get welfare on the fly or that it's easy to "take the government" for money is really really really and I do mean "REALLY" mistaken. I've been on the phone and in offices for hours just to try to get her some help.

I've also noticed a few other things.  I'm not as angry as I was before.  I think I've discovered that first, no matter what happened in the past, the best thing that we have been given the ability to do is to forgive.  There's nothing she could ever say that could "fix" what happened.  There's nothing I could say that could "fix" all those years of abuse that she endured as well.  All I can do is to continue to live by my code.  My code says treat other people the way I want to be treated.  Give first, take last and send out as much positive energy as I can.

It's been a very long tiring January.  I'm so looking forward to February.

Namaste & Blessed Be


Wyvernsrose said...

Yes a friend just came Back from the US couldn't stop talking about how sweet all your foods are......even your bread is sweet can understand how you would have to go to such lengths to lower her intake.......

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Thats a rough month. Thoughts and prayers are with you!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a rough month. Its good to live by a code and to forgive. You are in my prayers and I am so happy your hubby is well. He sounds awesome. ATo worry about you eating while he is getting ready to have a major surgury now he is a KEEPER!!. :) I hope February gives you a better month.


Vickie said...

I second the motion that February be a better month for many of us...

I am so happy to hear Eli is much better and sending lots of love and healing for all of you. I'll be keeping you in my prayers. Your mom is fortunate to have to looking out for her. Hugs to you my Dear, have a Blessed day!

Sapphire said...

Glad to hear that Eli is doing well. I know a blog that has lots of sugar free treats (they use stevia) if your mom still needs some chocolate. They're quite good (vegan as well if you are so inclined). I even got my husband liking them, and that says a LOT. Let me know if you want the address.