Sunday - A Day of Rest

After three long days at the hospital today I need a break.  I had so many errands yesterday.

My day started bright and early at a doctors office getting a release of medical records. Then off to Raleigh to stay with Mama for a while.  She seems to be getting better. The doctors can't believe that she had those strokes and is doing so much better. We're currently working on getting her into a rehab center so that they can help her with walking and evaluate her on taking care of herself.  Her sugar has been pretty good on a relatively low amount of insulin.  It looks like the majority of her problem is around diet.  I'm not surprised.  I think that maybe we should do some of the meals that hubby used to make for our customers.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a place that makes school jackets called EB Sports in Wilson.  Over 30 years ago I had a Warriors jacket that I loved.  I got it for Christmas in December and we moved in March to a new school.  I was so bummed that I wore the jacket to the new high school.  I ended up giving the jacket away.  So for my birthday this year hubby is getting me a new one.  Silly, but in a way this is another one of those gifts to myself.  What made this trip super exciting is that I walked in and they had me try on several jackets for size.  I had to order a SMALL!  WHAT? ME? SMALL?  Getoutahere!  :)

We did our shopping and then stopped by Truely Unique to pick up hubby's Shaman Stones and to get a Garnet for my work with the Dead.  I hope that I'll be able to make it to Wilson next weekend because Blake Octavian Blair is going to be there.  We've been meaning to meet up and several places, PPD and LGBT Pride.  We missed each other both times!

Earlier in the week I started working with my embroidery machine.  I found several websites where you can get free designs.  Basically you download them to your computer hook up the USB cord and it sews the design on your fabric for you.  I've had the machine over 3 or 4 years and could never get it to work right.

I found a Facebook group that talked me through the issues I was having and now it's working like a champ.  Today I'm going to go up to the store and pick up some new bobbins and bobbin fill and then get to work.  I'm very excited about how the test came out and I can't wait for the real deal.  I even found a site with Pagan designs.

I have a bit of a headache today to go along with my sore throat that I picked up from the hospital I'm sure.  I'm going to toss another log on the fire (because it's 40 degrees today but will be 70 on Tuesday!) maybe pull out my crochet and just sit with some tea and rest.

Thanks for all your well wishes and email support during this crazy time.  I really really needed it.

Namaste & Blessed Be


Vickie said...

Rest well my Sister. You have more than earned a day filled with relaxation and self love. Big hugs to you! <3

Vickie said...

Renee, I've tagged you. Please join the fun @