I 't done one of these in a long time, however I listed to the music that's being sent and it's really really great.  I wanted to share this with my readers and give everyone a chance to reap the benefits of a giveaway over at "The Deepest Well" blog.

If you head over to this page, you can read about the giveaway and sign up for several chances to win.  Winner will be announced March 1st so head on over there!!

Namaste and Blessed Be

Trans Acceptance in the Pagan Community

Over the last few years we’re seeing legislation change to extend protections and rights to the Transgender Community.  Events such as the Transgender Day of Remembrance ( bring the spotlight on just how much this community has suffered at the hands of the masses. 

GLAAD ( lists the following statistics:

  • At least one transgender person is murdered every month; and several more are assaulted
  • 55% of transgender youth report being physically attacked
  • Nearly half of young transgender people have seriously thought about taking their lives, and one quarter report having made a suicide attempt
  • More than half of transgender and gender non conforming people who were bullied, harassed or assaulted in school because of their gender identity have attempted suicide.

So the over all message here is that Transgender individuals are not welcomed or accepted in general. They are outcasts and looked down upon. 

What about the Pagans?  They accept everyone, right?

Overall the Pagan community is a pretty accepting community. They generally are a live and let live group.  Pagans usually are accepting of alternate family structures such as families headed by Gay or Lesbian couples.  Many cite the “Charge of the Goddess” which says “All acts of Love and Pleasure are My ritual”. (  This view is also found in some Native American cultures, such as the Lakota, Crow and Cheyenne, where these individuals are celebrated as “Two-Spirited” people. (  They are given special roles in the tribe such as healers, medicine people, fortune tellers and matchmakers to name a few.

Many branches of Wicca specifically have individual beliefs based on what they feel is respecting the God and Goddess prospectively. For example, many believe that focus on the “Great Rite” ( celebrations the male/female union is essential within Wicca Culture and can really only be celebrated by “biological” males with “biological” females. 

Some followers of Dianic Wicca generally welcome lesbian pagans but close their doors to Trans women.  My understanding behind this rule is that there is a need for a sacred safe space where “female bodied” women to join together and conduct rituals for the Goddess.  This “safe space” needs to be free of any “male” energy that may make the members feel threatened.

This is where I beg to differ.  At what point does the Trans woman become an aggressor to this event?  What does she do that makes the other members of the tradition suddenly become threatened?  Transwomen are attacked just as “Genetic Women”.  (  Trans women can worship the Goddess, just as women worship the Goddess and as men worship the goddess.  I understand the need to be surrounded with like minded people; however I do not understand the thought process behind stopping Trans women from participating in a public ritual, in a public area such as the recent events at Pantheacon (; where in a public forum trans women were singled out and  advised not to attend a Dianic ritual from the description for the event which included the statement, “Genetic Women Only”.

So what do we do?  Do we ask leaders of Dianic covens to allow Trans women to participate?  Do we request that events where Dianic rites are held to stop the discrimination against an entire group of people based on their assumption of other’s gender roles?

There’s no easy answer here. We do not want individuals coming into our covens or our circles and telling us who we have to worship with.  I have a very personal example of this.  I joined a group and felt connected to many of the members, however there were some that I just couldn’t connect with.  I didn’t ask the group to remove those members.  I left the group. It just wasn’t a good fit for me.  No one wants to stop Dianic covens from continuing their worship.  I would like to offer the following thoughts.

We are the same in the eyes of the Goddess.  We are accepted and we have a relationship, not a religion.  We have the ability to think freely and to accept those around us at their face value.  Is this person coming to your coven true of heart?  Is she seeking her Goddess in perfect love and perfect trust? 

These are the questions that should be on the application to join a group; not the question, are you a “biological female”.

Namaste & Blessed Be

New Moon Rites

Today a group of us are setting aside part of our new moon rites to offer support for the friends and family of those involved in bullying.  We've created a Facebook Event for it here.

As many of you when I was a kid I experienced bullying.  I was picked on and shunned by others.  I was singled out and taunted for things that no child should even know about let alone tease others because of.  It was considered something that happens.  Just put on your big girl pants and move on.  Well, sometimes that doesn't happen.

Sometimes kids are so bullied that they believe their is no other way out of the situation and they believe, it will never EVER get better. Over the last few years I've been working with groups to help get the message out.  In my opinion one of the most moving pieces of this fight is the "Let's Get Better Project".

I want to use this time we've set aside to not only sending out protection for those currently being attacked, but also send out some healing energy for those that are the aggressors. Remember bullying comes from a position of possible self hatred. These kids that are attacking are themselves victims.

I'd like to see us pull together and create a web of positive energy across the globe in order to protect, defend and love these families.

Heather has created a spell that you're welcome to use for your ritual. Please feel free to use this or create your own as it fits best in your new moon rituals.  I'd love to hear about your rituals, or see your altar if you create something special for this event.  You can post here in comments or on the Facebook Event page.

Sending light, love and protection to those who need.

Namasta & Blessed Be

Bullying Resources
National Bullying Prevention Center

20/20 - Being Bullied To Death

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the one day of the year completely dedicated to love.  No matter if you believe this day comes from the anniversary of Valentine's death/burial or if it's actually the pagan celebration of Lupercalia; the history of coming together in mid February is historic. Proposals and weddings on Valentine's Day are commonplace for loving couples around the world.  Some couples however do not get the same privilege of a Valentine's Day Wedding.

February 13th 2004, the Mayor of San Francisco allowed same sex couples the same rights that opposite sex couples have when it comes to marriage. Having been together for five decades, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin became the first same sex couple to be legally married in the United States.  Sadly those marriages were declared null and void.  

I believe that only those people who waited for word to come down can really know what it feels like to be told your love doesn't matter.  Your love, your life... YOU are NULL and VOID.

Today, 8 years later we have ten countries that currently allow same sex marriage.  In the US there are six states that allow some form of "marriage" for same sex couples ranging from Domestic Partnerships to Civil Unions.  While many states have passed some form of "Protection Marriage" laws, we still hold out hope that we will one day be able to have the same rights as our heterosexual brothers and sisters and be able to legally marry the one that we love.  I can't help but compare this fight to the Loving v. Virginia fight.  

What I want for Valentine's Day is for everyone to have a look at the following video and understand exactly what this couple is feeling at the very moment they said their vows.  No I don't need the world to say my marriage is OK, for it to actually be OK.  But you know what... It certainly feels good to be just like everyone else.

I've signed up as an Ambassador to help get the word out about LGBT Marches happening around the world.  Take a moment, spread the word.  Here is a list of Valentine's Day events around the world.

Namaste & Blessed Be

Memorable Kiss Contest at LUSH

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to share the link to a new contest I've entered.  It's called the Memorable Kiss Contest at LUSH.  The winner gets a gift basket called "LOTS OF LOVE"

I submitted this picture below.

To vote for my picture you follow this link and allow the "Promotions" Facebook Application permissions.  You're allowed to vote once time per day.

I'd really appreciate any votes you can give. The content is over on the 13th and winners are announced on the 14th.

Thanks so much!!

Namaste & Blessed Be!!



As I sat here over the last few days, full of worry about how I'm going to get all these things I need to get done completed, I became completely and utterly involved with my own problems.  I began to feel sorry for myself and think how could I ever get out of all this work that lay ahead.

What would I be able to do, how could I survive?? I actually began to feel completely negative.  I spent the full moon working and more working. The evening of course was spent in ritual.  It was the first drawing down that I've done since the dedication ceremony.  I felt completely filled with the energy of the Goddess.

I felt the warm energy surround my body and embrace me.  I felt safe and happy.  I felt at ease and calm as the warm waters from the ritual bath I took just before the ceremony.  My skin scented lightly with patchouli and myrrh.  I was at peace.

The next morning I got a message from a dear friend on Facebook. We've worked together on several pagan action's including the recent Hail Columbia project.  Heather approached me with an idea for an anti-bullying ritual for those children that are being attack in our nation's schools.  Working feverishly over the next few nights she put together this wonderful idea of holding a group circle over our network and joining together to send out a prayer of protection for these children.

I thought about her proposition and immediately could identify how my Goddess Hekate would certainly move to the foreground to protect children.  I've read where Hekate teaches justice and fairness, especially of those who are different.  I will spend the new moon this month sending out the light from my Goddess into the lives of these children, hoping to show them the path to happiness. The path to fulfillment and the path to justice.

I would love to be able to include my followers here and those that you can reach out to with your connections and create a web of inclusions, perhaps even a web of protection around these children.  If you can please join us on our Facebook event, or privately add us to your new moon rituals.

I'm including Heather's poem and spell below.  You can find them on our Facebook Event as well.

Dear Children - by Heather L. Mauldin

Namaste & Blessed Be

Marriage Equality!

Today is a wonderful day!  Not only is it the birthday of a dear friend .... Happy Birthday Kallan!

But today the ruling for Prop 8 was handed down in California.  I wrote a brief piece on my Examiner Page, you can find it here.

I have been involved in the Marriage Equality movement for many years in California.  Before the transition we were very active.  Participating in the Winter of Love in 2004 because of the courage of Gavin Newsom,  until today this has been a long hard fight.  Over the years we've seen our relationships deemed lower than that of our opposite sex counterparts and even declared VOID.  My heart broke when that decision was handed down.  Being feature in news articles, websites and even a book, the stories from the San Francisco City Hall were heart warming and breaking all at the same time.

Looking back at my photos of the events we attended I'm so excited to see the day come. We're one step closer to marriage equality in California...  Now let's get those other states going!

Namaste & Blessed Be!

Welcome February!

This last month has been pretty crazy for me.  I'm so glad that it's over.  As many of you know I've spent the last few weeks adjusting to my mother living with me.  This was something that I wasn't prepared for.  I was and am in a complete shock at how well I seem to be adapting.

My mother has several issues going on. I only recently found out she not only had Diabetes, but also has stage three renal failure, congestive heart failure and COPD.  She suffers from TAIs or mini-strokes as well as dementia, with both hearing and sight loss.

Every night hubby and I sit in the living room and watch TV with her.  She likes CSI and NCIS.  She watches The Biggest Loser with us and even Celebrity Wife Swap.  She seems to be in higher spirits even though she misses seeing my sister's kids.  I've reached out to them several times and hope that maybe they'll at least call from time to time.  Right now it's only myself and one sister that are participating.  The other two are not so interested any more.  I spoke to one and said, it'd be really nice if you called Mama. She's not doing well. She actually said to me and I quote, "I only have 200 minutes a month, I have to save them".  Nice...

I don't have the emotion around the "Mother" that I should have.  It's not there. But I do have compassion.  I do have an understanding that no matter what you've done to others in your life you don't deserve to be treated poorly.  Especially when you can't even remember why they're treating you that way.  It breaks my heart to see her wake up in the morning ask look a little lost and ask where the grand babies are, then slowly remember that she lives with me now and there are no babies here.

I was treated poorly.  I was hurt.  But this isn't the person that did that.  This person that is here isn't the same who allowed me to suffer what I did. That person was lost in one of the strokes, or maybe in a sugar seizure.  So how can I be angry or upset with her.   The answer is I cannot.  Perhaps all these things happen for a reason. Perhaps she's here to help me understand that part of my life is over and I need to let it go.  My pain makes me who I am, but I do not have to suffer that pain everyday to continue to be who I am.  I can let it go and forgive.  I can still be who I am, without hurting every day.  I think that's a great lesson to learn.

Last week at the doctor she told them I was her sister.  Interesting really... Makes more sense based on how she treats me.  I'm still hoping that those that she considers her daughters will actually make some sort of effort to reach out to her.  I know I would be so distressed without my daughter.  I cannot imagine how it must feel to know that the only reason they called or came around was to clean out her checkbook.

I don't believe in the death penalty because I don't believe that hurting another person makes up for the pain you feel inside or the loss you suffer.  I think on a similar level it's the same thing here.  There's nothing that can fix those wounds from the past.  I just need to let them heal, embrace my scars and move on.

Take a moment to hug those you want to hug, cry with those you wish to cry with and love those you wish to love.  You never know when it will be your last chance to do so.

Namaste & Blessed Be