As I sat here over the last few days, full of worry about how I'm going to get all these things I need to get done completed, I became completely and utterly involved with my own problems.  I began to feel sorry for myself and think how could I ever get out of all this work that lay ahead.

What would I be able to do, how could I survive?? I actually began to feel completely negative.  I spent the full moon working and more working. The evening of course was spent in ritual.  It was the first drawing down that I've done since the dedication ceremony.  I felt completely filled with the energy of the Goddess.

I felt the warm energy surround my body and embrace me.  I felt safe and happy.  I felt at ease and calm as the warm waters from the ritual bath I took just before the ceremony.  My skin scented lightly with patchouli and myrrh.  I was at peace.

The next morning I got a message from a dear friend on Facebook. We've worked together on several pagan action's including the recent Hail Columbia project.  Heather approached me with an idea for an anti-bullying ritual for those children that are being attack in our nation's schools.  Working feverishly over the next few nights she put together this wonderful idea of holding a group circle over our network and joining together to send out a prayer of protection for these children.

I thought about her proposition and immediately could identify how my Goddess Hekate would certainly move to the foreground to protect children.  I've read where Hekate teaches justice and fairness, especially of those who are different.  I will spend the new moon this month sending out the light from my Goddess into the lives of these children, hoping to show them the path to happiness. The path to fulfillment and the path to justice.

I would love to be able to include my followers here and those that you can reach out to with your connections and create a web of inclusions, perhaps even a web of protection around these children.  If you can please join us on our Facebook event, or privately add us to your new moon rituals.

I'm including Heather's poem and spell below.  You can find them on our Facebook Event as well.

Dear Children - by Heather L. Mauldin

Namaste & Blessed Be


Stephanie said...

So awesome. I am glad you guys are doing this. I for sure will do this ritual...What candles do you sugust using?

Sosanna said...

Thanks Stevie, Personally I will be using a white candle next to a rainbow one, this is my way of drawing out the protective Mother or Goddess color into the ritual and the rainbow to bring his the LGBT aspect as well. I believe there are others who may have other opinions on the candles I've also seen reference to red and brown for protection as well. I always keep a red candle on my Altar for Hekate.

Vickie said...

I would love to join in. Hecate is my 15 year old granddaughter's matron and has watched over and protected her from the time she was about 4. Cheyenne woke her mom up one morning after Hecate had appeared and spoke to Chey, telling her she would always be with here and to not be fearful any longer.

I fully believe in and support any and all actions to stop bullying. There is entirely too much nastiness in our world right now and it needs to stop. I can't think of a better way to do this than a ritual, and wouldn't it be great if we could get together enough of us to do the same type of work we did with the DC40?

I'll spread the news! Thanks to both of you for coming up with this.

Sosanna said...

Thanks Vickie, so glad to have you. I'm shooting for the same effect that we pulled together for DC-40. Share to as many as you like. We just want to have them add the thoughts for the New Moon. :)

Anonymous said...

My sister Vickie told me about this and I am joining it as well. Sadly I have been the victim of bullying throughout most of my life, it started at a young age, I never found the nerve to fight back so I always took it. It led me to bad self esteem issues as an adult, still an adult I have been bullied heavily by others.
I am finally learning to find my voice and strength to fight against it. It doesn't stop at childhood, sadly I think children learn it from their parents. Adults need to not bully as well.
We need to set the example for each other not to do this.

Sorry I am getting off my soapbox now. I just want to say I appreciate this so much and am proud to join you all.

IWonderland said...

Thank you for this gentle reminder that we have much community work to do as witches and healers. I will also participate in ritual in an effort to stem the growing trend of both bullying and teen suicide. I think the correlation, sadly, is clear.

Brightest Blessings,


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful ritual, thank you, Renee. I brought it up to a local Pagan group, and we'll be performing the ritual that evening. :) (I'm leading, apparently... yikes!!) Anyway, here's to hoping we can send out a lot of positive energy to those who need the strength and encouragement the most.