Marriage Equality!

Today is a wonderful day!  Not only is it the birthday of a dear friend .... Happy Birthday Kallan!

But today the ruling for Prop 8 was handed down in California.  I wrote a brief piece on my Examiner Page, you can find it here.

I have been involved in the Marriage Equality movement for many years in California.  Before the transition we were very active.  Participating in the Winter of Love in 2004 because of the courage of Gavin Newsom,  until today this has been a long hard fight.  Over the years we've seen our relationships deemed lower than that of our opposite sex counterparts and even declared VOID.  My heart broke when that decision was handed down.  Being feature in news articles, websites and even a book, the stories from the San Francisco City Hall were heart warming and breaking all at the same time.

Looking back at my photos of the events we attended I'm so excited to see the day come. We're one step closer to marriage equality in California...  Now let's get those other states going!

Namaste & Blessed Be!

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