New Moon Rites

Today a group of us are setting aside part of our new moon rites to offer support for the friends and family of those involved in bullying.  We've created a Facebook Event for it here.

As many of you when I was a kid I experienced bullying.  I was picked on and shunned by others.  I was singled out and taunted for things that no child should even know about let alone tease others because of.  It was considered something that happens.  Just put on your big girl pants and move on.  Well, sometimes that doesn't happen.

Sometimes kids are so bullied that they believe their is no other way out of the situation and they believe, it will never EVER get better. Over the last few years I've been working with groups to help get the message out.  In my opinion one of the most moving pieces of this fight is the "Let's Get Better Project".

I want to use this time we've set aside to not only sending out protection for those currently being attacked, but also send out some healing energy for those that are the aggressors. Remember bullying comes from a position of possible self hatred. These kids that are attacking are themselves victims.

I'd like to see us pull together and create a web of positive energy across the globe in order to protect, defend and love these families.

Heather has created a spell that you're welcome to use for your ritual. Please feel free to use this or create your own as it fits best in your new moon rituals.  I'd love to hear about your rituals, or see your altar if you create something special for this event.  You can post here in comments or on the Facebook Event page.

Sending light, love and protection to those who need.

Namasta & Blessed Be

Bullying Resources
National Bullying Prevention Center

20/20 - Being Bullied To Death


Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Sosanna, One of my meetup group members is looking into making this a monthly gathering/event for the group. I'll keep you updated and thank you so much for bringing this problem into the light!

Sosanna said...

Thanks for your comment Kat. Heather as created a facebook page for keeping this going as a quarterly event. I look forward to hearing what your group comes up with. :)