Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the one day of the year completely dedicated to love.  No matter if you believe this day comes from the anniversary of Valentine's death/burial or if it's actually the pagan celebration of Lupercalia; the history of coming together in mid February is historic. Proposals and weddings on Valentine's Day are commonplace for loving couples around the world.  Some couples however do not get the same privilege of a Valentine's Day Wedding.

February 13th 2004, the Mayor of San Francisco allowed same sex couples the same rights that opposite sex couples have when it comes to marriage. Having been together for five decades, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin became the first same sex couple to be legally married in the United States.  Sadly those marriages were declared null and void.  

I believe that only those people who waited for word to come down can really know what it feels like to be told your love doesn't matter.  Your love, your life... YOU are NULL and VOID.

Today, 8 years later we have ten countries that currently allow same sex marriage.  In the US there are six states that allow some form of "marriage" for same sex couples ranging from Domestic Partnerships to Civil Unions.  While many states have passed some form of "Protection Marriage" laws, we still hold out hope that we will one day be able to have the same rights as our heterosexual brothers and sisters and be able to legally marry the one that we love.  I can't help but compare this fight to the Loving v. Virginia fight.  

What I want for Valentine's Day is for everyone to have a look at the following video and understand exactly what this couple is feeling at the very moment they said their vows.  No I don't need the world to say my marriage is OK, for it to actually be OK.  But you know what... It certainly feels good to be just like everyone else.

I've signed up as an Ambassador to help get the word out about LGBT Marches happening around the world.  Take a moment, spread the word.  Here is a list of Valentine's Day events around the world.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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