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Pagan Blog Project – Letter F

Finding your deity
I’ve been a solitary for many years.  I had not felt much connection to any particular deity.  I did know that it was a female form but that was the extent of it.  Late last year I was chatting with a friend on Facebook and he mentioned Hekate to me.  I remember how odd I thought the spelling was because in my goddess chant and on several of my prayers I see the name spelled with a c and not a K.

I began to study Hekate and found that I was drawn to her.  As a child I was drawn to Greek mythology.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  My favorite was the story of Persephone and Hades, in which Hekate guides Persephone back and forth from the underworld.  During this time I also collected keys.  I found them intriguing and wanted to have lots of them.  I was not aware of Hekate’s status as a goddess and was unaware of the symbolism of the keys.
I experienced many experiences throughout my young adulthood of contact with the spirit world.  I had visits from those that had past looking for the correct place to go.  I would often bring home stray animals and have been drawn to dogs with masks and snakes.
Other links to Hekate in my life are these:
I worked on a blog project that some of you may remember called “What Makes You State Great?” for the “Hail Columbia” project against the NAR and Dominionism.  The goddess Columbia has often been compared to Hekate, also being a torchbearer.
An herb sacred to Hekate is belladonna.  I play an online game where for many years, my title was “Belladonna”. 
The Willow tree is my tree.
I spend a lot of time mapping cemeteries.  I started this when we moved here six years ago; very appropriate that my goddess is the goddess of graveyards. 

It took many years for me to find my Goddess.  Finding her was much more difficult than it was for her to find me.

In my adult practices I’ve had many visits from spirits that have passed.  I’ve seen aunts and uncles, cousins, friends and strangers.  This led me to enter a contest where I posted about my cousin’s passing and how he still visits me here.  He died at a cross roads, and without my knowledge of that event, I bought a house that ends at the exact opposite side of that place; also at a crossroad.  My blog entry resulted in my winning the contest and I got a copy of Christian Day’s book “The Witch’s book of the Dead”.  This is when I first formally met Hekate.
My studies opened up many things for me; my love of fire and torches, my connection to masks and magic; as well as my attraction to Samhain and keys to find me.  As I look back her influence has been there.  As the protector of the less fortunate, I feel that she has been here with me throughout my life, even if I have only just found her.

Sometimes it might not come to you right away, but finding your deity can be a wonderful experience.  

Below are some links that helped me find mine.
YouTube Channel – Hersacredfires
The Covenant of Hekate

This is a introduction video on Hekate.

 Namaste & Blessed Be


Rachel Curtis said...

Love the way you brought the links into the blog, a lovely read

Rachel x

Harzgeist said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I experienced something similar with one of my gods - the connection was there for more than ten years, practically staring me in the face, but I failed to see it until a few weeks ago. Hopefully I'll get around to blogging about it tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this! I have recently begun to connect with Hekate myself. It's funny I didn't before since I have in the past argued vehemently with other Pagans about her nature according to the classical vs. modern interpretations of Her. I have also always connected with liminal Gods and psychopomps, it's a wonder I took so long to get to Her. Ultimately, it was her connection to dogs and the death of mine that did it. Weird, huh?