I is for Inequality

For the last few days I've been struggling with with what to write as my next "I" post for the Pagan Blog Project.  Last week I did "Invoke".  I felt strong and powerful as I invoked my Goddess down and filled my world with her powers.

Today I feel not so strong.  Today I was told by the voters of North Carolina that I am not equal to them.  The Inequality of this astounds me.  I pay taxes, I live and breath just as other's do here in my state but somehow LGBT love is not equal to straight.

We were told by not only a law.. but a solid Consitutional Amendment that we are not the same as heterosexual couples.  So today, today for my letter "I"  I'm defining Inequality. 


[in-i-kwol-i-tee] Show IPA
noun, plural in·e·qual·i·ties.
the condition of being unequal; lack of equality; disparity: inequality of size.
social disparity: inequality between the rich and the poor.
disparity or relative inadequacy in natural endowments: a startling inequality of intellect, talents, and physical stamina.
injustice; partiality.
unevenness, as of surface.
Somehow, it feels the same as when we were told in California that our marriages were null and voide.
I am not null.  I am not void.  My love counts.  My love matters.
I can only hope that the tears that stream from my eyes now, will feed a fire that will grow inside me.  I hope that I will indeed take to heart this fight and continue to move forward with all that I have and all that I am.  We will not surrender, we will not give up. 
Love is love is love
Namate and Blessed Be


deb said...

i agree with you.... may someday those whom are blind wake the hell up....

Vickie said...

OH Renee.., I feel everything you have written here... I am so sorry. Yes, I know I have nothing to apologize for. But just the same, I'm sorry that anyone has told you in any way you don't matter... I'm there with you, I don't matter either. But to me you DO matter, you are an amazing friend and I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for all you do... <3

Anonymous said...

Screw the bigots that made this a law. You are perfect because you were made by the gods and how could they ever be wrong? Your love for your spouse/partner is beautiful and worthy. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

Unknown said...

I am disappointed too. I hope this helps.... www.standingonthesideoflove.org/blog/are-we-defeated/

Ace said...

Wow, this is so sad! I hate how people do this, I hatehow just because one thing is more popular it means something else isn't right. it's the same deal with religion - at my school jewelery isn't allowed, except for RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS. maori are alowed their greenstone, christians their crosses, catholics their saint christohper.... But I, as a pagan, am not allowed my pentacle.
This sort of thing makes me so angry.
Well, at least you can still do a pagan wedding and such, because to have a handfasting it doesnt matter who you are. <3
Blessed Be.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your personal feelings with me and the rest of the pagan blog community. I empathize with you, pertaining to wanting to feel equal. A lot of times, just being a woman in this country can do it for me, let alone 'colored' (gasp). :) Either way, I am learning to accept that I am who I am. I also am what I think. I can't let others define my own thoughts of who I am. You are equal to whatever and whom ever you choose to be. It is all up to your perception. Now how others react to you, is not up to you. It is up to everyone individually to respond to who they think others are. But one thing you can do, and it does seem (to me) like you are doing, is persuading the way others perceive you. I wish you peace and love and fulfillment... Goddess knows there will always be some way others will discriminate against us, and try to convince anyone that they are different from each other. :) In the end, we are not different. We are all made of loving energy that is continually shared about the whole Universe. Namaste. And many blessings. :)