K is for Key

I am a follower of Hecate, also known as Hecate Kleidoukhos – Keeper of the Keys or Key bearer.  The key she holds is the key to the underworld.  Images show Hecate holding a key, a rope and a dagger as well as three torches.  In her trifold form Hecate is often seen at a cross roads, where her offerings are left.

For many years I’ve always had an attraction to keys. Before my dedication I collected keys.  Today I have two altars.  My ancestor altar and Altar to Hecate.

On my ancestor altar you can see my skull, the hand embroidered cloth belonging to my great grandmother and a lovely key.

After my dedication I took my red cord and placed it in a small velvet satchel and tied a small key to the bag.  It lives just above my altar.

On my altar next to my salts tin and my wooden pentacle I have a small key to represent Hecate.

Some other great sources of information on Hecate are below:

Namaste & Blessed Be

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Etain said...

I thought I had read your post but I had not. So, did so now. My Grandma use to have a skeleton key for her front door and I still have it - you gave me a great idea......I will put it on my ancestor altar representing her