Thank You

Just wanted to send out a warm, loving and public thank you to all of you who have sent me messages, left comments and emails about the passage of Amendment One.  I appreciate the love and support I get from my internet family.  Your well wishes and thoughts during this time have been amazing.  I love and appreicate each and every one you.

I'm slowly picking myself up.  This vote sent me back when our marriages were declared "null and void" in San Francisco and the pain was devestating.

I am coming around.  I have to hold on to the fact that things will be better and with the support of friends like you, I know that one day, full equality will be ours.

Namaste and Blessed Be.


Alexis Kennedy said...

Love you bunches, honey. This is simply the gauntlet being thrown down before us. We'll take it up and fight.. and we will win!

Stephanie said...


Vickie said...

Onward and upward... <3