Pagan Blog Project 2012 – M is for Magic

 mag·ic/ˈmajik/From Google

Noun: The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.
Adjective: Used in magic or working by magic; having or apparently having supernatural powers: "a magic wand".

noun.  sorcery - enchantment - witchcraft - spell - witchery
adjective.  magical – enchanting

I've been working in magic for a long time.  I’ve spent many years trying to understand exactly how each element of a spell does its part to make the magic happen.  When I look around at what I have in my room from my ancestor altar...

to my altar to Hecate....

I see one very comment element.   My magic.

Objects can be used for magic, from images of your deity

                                                                                         The Goddess by Sosanna

To prayer beads and skulls

I think of magic as energy.  That “force” we put into everything we do.  From a letter to a friend to a spell invoking the Goddess we put energy into everything.  This energy lives around us and brings about the changes we want in the material world.  My magic is private, special and powerful.  I pour my heart and soul into each incantation to be sure that I am doing “right” by the person I am casting for.
If we look at the formal definition of the world, all types of prayer would be included in the word magic.  Christian’s around the world use prayer as a way to do everything from praying away hurricanes, to praying away the gay.  This would be using supernatural forces to change a course of events.

Magic comes in all shapes and sizes.  Heck you can even get magic on eBay.  Recently it came to light that a seller on eBay was using a picture of our lovely Sabrina the Ink Witch as her own profile picture.  The Seller, who has not responded to my request for an explanation, sells everything from Sex Slave spells to Penis Enhancement.  Yes, friends that’s right, you too could have a larger penis by morning!  /sarcasm  
On a serious note, many in the pagan community are banding together to try to have Sabrina's picture removed from these ads.  If you'd like to know what you can do head over to Sabrina's Facebook Page and read the posts there.

Generally as a devotee of Hecate, I am not a strict follower of the Rede, however I do whole heartedly believe in the law of three.  What you send out will return to you times three.  For that reason I do my best to send out the best magic I can.  I think thoughtfully before just willy nilly casting and I do my research to be sure I’m not being played by the person asking for magic.
So take some time, sit down, focus your mind and you can do magic.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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