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Over the last few months I've been thinking about what I'd like to do with my life.  Yes, one of those, there's no grandbabies so what am I going to do with my retirement.  Granted I'm only 42 years old, and retirement is still a really LONG way away, still it's been in my mind.

Last month hubby and I chatted and I said, you know, I'd really like to work for myself.  Be my own boss.  Get a little store front and open a shop where I could sell stuff that I like.  Pagan stuff, metaphysical stuff, candles, skulls and the like.   I think having our little booth at the Earth Day Event at Truely Unique in Wilson really nailed it for me.  We made over 100.00 with some little things that I tossed together.  I was really pleased with that.

He said ok let's do it.  So I went down and registered my business name.  I've been using Sosanna's Closet for a while on Etsy, Facebook and on my web page and figured, what the hell.  I registered Sosanna's Closet.  This week I've spent some time on two tasks.  One, review web hosting plans and find the best deal for my money and two, prayer beads.

The first was pretty straight forward, I would prefer to get my domain name included as well as not having a host that shoots elephants in his off time.  :)   The prayer beads were a bit more challenging.  I've been looking into them for a while and found that many pagan's use these.  I've not used them myself however, I do have to save they are absolutely gorgeous!

So I tried my hand at making a few sets over the weekend.  They turned out amazing!  I added a few to the website and to the esty shop as well as adding the new elemental boxes.  I've posted some photos here for you to enjoy.

I'm now reaching out to my blog followers and those that see me on Facebook or Twitter.  Sosanna's Closet has her own Twitter Account and Facebook Page.  We'd love to have new friends, likes and followers.  If you have the time head over and check us out.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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Sue said...

Good luck! I will be thinking of you and wishing you prosperity!! So happy you are following your dream!!