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Magic for Money

In this day and age of cyber covens and online witch schools it’s easy to see why some people get concerned about how some teach the craft.  We have online stores stealing the persona of artists in our community and using their image to sell “penis enhancement spells” and then other’s frowned upon for offering Tarot or other divination skills for a price.
Where does magic become a commodity?  Many types of divination charge by the ½ hour for spending time with a client and doing things such as Throwing the Bones or Reading the Tarot.  Many believe that this is a waste of time and believe that such things are works of the Devil.  In fact in many areas it’s a crime to do any type of divination.  Paid or otherwise.  At many readings I’ve attended, it’s required by the reader to state something to the effect of, “this is for entertainment purposes only, please seek legal or medical advice where necessary”.   To me, a similar warning should be offered by Pat Robertson or any other Televangelist for their “services”.

I believe that magic is an art form.  It’s more than the sum of its parts.  Sure the canvas has a price, and the paints have a price, but once put together by an artist those simple tools become a masterpiece.   We couldn’t look at a Picasso and offer the cost of materials to purchase it.  The same is true of divination.  In the hands of a master, these tools become the conduit by which art is created.  That art is not an accident and should be respected.  If you do reach out to these folks remember, this is indeed something they have invested time and energy in.  They are professionals and should be treated accordingly; after all, that’s why you’re going to them… right?

Then we move away from divination and into training.  Witch Schools; sharing the knowledge that you have with others for a price.  There are many witch schools available on the web.  I have not attended any of them so I cannot comment on their content or character.  I only want to offer a tip.  Do your homework before selecting any one particular page to send money to.
That being said, I want to talk about witch schools very generally.  It takes more than just a web page and a pay pal account to be qualified to teach others about the inner works of the world of magic.  It’s not for everyone.  It takes time and patience to share knowledge with others.  It takes hours of prep time for one class and can lead into questions from the group that opens up an entirely new realm of learning for the instructor.  Aside from the time and materials costs of many witch classes, I’ve seen online where you can pay a fee and move directly to 3rd Degree Witch by paying this fee…
I’m of the school of thought that knowledge is free to all who seek it.  If I’m coming to share what I have with you, please be mindful of my supplies that I need to provide or the gas for my broom to get to you.  I believe that we are here to share what we learn with others.  However we should not do so at the expense of our own families.  However tempting it might be to pay the fee to get your Grand PooBah title, I highly recommend finding a local group of pagan’s or perhaps even a coven that might be accepting new members and learn directly from that group.  Good groups are usually partnered with a local metaphysical store and have access to books and supplies at a reasonable cost. 
In my group for example we’re working on setting up monthly meetings where each members share bits and pieces from their path in a way to share knowledge with the group.  We work together to offer suggestions and share information on what exactly it means to be Hecatean for example. 

Most groups will ask that you attend a few meetings and then agree to abide by a set of bylaws before initiation into the group.  Ask questions and be sure the group is for you.  If not, move on. 
For a while now I’ve been looking to learn about Reiki.  I’ve met several people that work with it, I’ve even ordered books and cds to learn more about it.  I recall a quote from a book that said, when you find your Reiki Master, you will know.  So I’m waiting.  I’m sure it will come.

So Magic for Money, is it good or bad?  In antiquity we should trade eggs, or sheep for veggies.  We may even offer a goat or a pig for a wife.  We would certainly present an offering or payment to a priestess or witchdoctor that performed a service for us.  So then why shouldn’t we pay those people who are granting us a service?   You tip your waiter, why not tip your witch?

Namaste & Blessed Be

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