N is for Namaste

Namaste (NAH-mes-tay) is a greeting that comes from combining two Sanskrit words, Namah and Te.  Namah means “bow or adoration” and te means “to you”.  So translated literally, Namaste means I bow to you.  Namaste can be written or said when two people meet. 

There is a bow that is usually combined with the phrase where the hands are placed in a prayer position with the waist slightly turned and the head is bowed towards another.  It’s a respectful greeting that requires no contact, which is traditionally preferred in India.  This gesture can also be referred to as Anjali Mudra
My first contact with the word was when I started taking Yoga in California.  In working with yoga I found that there is a basic belief that there is a divine spark in the heart chakra, and it is expressed to others with this gesture.  The hands are raised to the heart to increase the flow of this divine love. 
This led me to start to learn about the Chakra’s.  

Because of my issues with side effects from pharmaceuticals, I looked for alternative means to treat my Borderline Personality Disorder and my Bipolar DisorderI learned that my issues were all related to an imbalance in the throat chakra.  I’ve since tried to work with videos on youtube and books to try to learn how to balance my chakras.  I’m still on that journey.

This is one of the exercises I’ve worked with.


I struggle with getting to a point where I can stop worrying about everything and slow my mind down enough to participate fully in the now.  It’s been quite a challenge and I know I’m not there yet.  

I look forward to each day and will do my best to be present in the now. 
Even as I sit here writing this, I can hear Yoda’s voice:

There is no try, DO.

Bad habits are extremely difficult to unlearn. 

Until then, I bow to you.

Namaste and Blessed Be

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Alexis Kennedy said...

Namaste, my sister. While they ARE difficult, if anyone can overcome them, it's you. Hugs and lots of love!