O is for Obituary



A notice of a death, esp. in a newspaper, typically including a brief biography of the deceased person.

For many writing assignments young authors are presented with the task of writing their own obituary.  This can be something that helps a lot with introspection.  I’ve seen a post going around Facebook that I’ve shared below:


As part of the Pagan Blog Project I’m supposed to take letters of the alphabet and create a pagany post on them.  This is our first week at the letter O.  O is a tough letter.  Right now there’s a huge trend in posting about Obesity.  And yes a subject near and dear to my heart; I couldn’t bring myself to write yet another article on it.

I woke this morning to the news of the shooting in Colorado and my mind quickly thought, what would be presented in the media about these people lost to this violence.  What would be said about them?  Then I thought ‘obituary’. 

As a pagan, specifically Hecatean, I am not going to have a funeral.  Not that this is especially pagan, but it’s a personal decision that I made.  Hecate is specifically connected to death and the underworld, and is thought to be a guide between the two worlds.  Death is not seen as an end, but yet a beginning to another part of life.  This is how I feel about my own mortality written in the form of an obituary.

Take a moment to think about what made us friends, what things made us family and remember, that even though as Pagans, we each have our own individual  “Valhalla”, we still leave many behind who will mourn our passing.

This song always reminds me of faeries.  This is what I will hear.

I have passed.  Today my journey with Hecate begins.  I’m moving from this world of the physical and into the mystical.  I leave behind me a wonderful family.  I have many things thing I am thankful for.  My husband, my child and my spiritual sisters that have joined me in this life are all things that I will take with me into the shadow realm.  I have opened my heart and life to those that are in need, from the four legged furry friends I have come to know and love to the two legged kind that have broken my heart.  Today I want no sadness or tears.  I want for love to pour forth from all that I know and share that same love that you saw and knew in me with every living being.  Today, this part of my journey changes course and moves into the world of the unknown.  Look for me in the trees, in the grass and in the flowers.  Hear my voice on the wind, as I was in life, so am I in death.  I am always with you.
Sending love and healing to those who have watched others cross over.

Namaste & Blessed Be


Alexis Kennedy said...

Beautiful post, Sosanna!

Vickie said...

Amazing! This is beyond beautiful and thanks for sharing.

Priestess Oracle Foxlyn Wren said...

Wonderful post. I don't want a funeral either, I want a party - a going away party; a I'll-see-yall-soon kind of party. I want my family and friends to celebrate my life instead of focusing on and mourning my death. Blessings. ~)O(~

Unknown said...

I was inspired by your endurance...I pray you are in peace..... free memorial pages