Q is for Queen of the Witches

Queen (‘Kwen) defined by merriam-webster.com as a goddess or thing personified as a female having supremacy in a specific realm.

Hecate (Hekate) has many titles.  One of which is Queen of the Witches.  Hecate is thought to be the last of the Titans.  She was granted dominion over the Heavens, Earth and Sea by Zeus.  She is thought to be the seen as a triple goddess figure and holds the keys to the underworld.  She is often depicted at a cross roads where decisions are made and offerings to her are left there.

So how did she become Queen of the Witches?  Hecate has a long history and can be traced back 3000 years.   She can be found in early writings such as Oddyssey, Homer – C9th BCE and Theogony, Hesiod C8th BCE.  Some of her titles include Hekate Desponia (Mistress), Hekate Phosphoros (Lightbringer) and Hekate Trioditis (of the three roads).  Looking through the list that I found, I did not locate “queen of the witches”, however it may be a modern term.  Since the resurgence of religions such as Wicca, groups select a deity or are called to a deity.  Since Wicca is “craft of the wise” or witch craft Hecate is often selected as the deity or Queen of the Witches.  Many in Wicca associate Hecate with the Crone Goddess.   This depiction can be traced back to Robert Graves.

This video is by Sorita d’Este discusses Hecate and the Maiden Mother Crone aspect.

In this next video, Sorita d'Este discusses if Hecate is the Goddess of modern Wicca.

For many years I was a light and love follower of the feminine.  I did not have a specific Goddess, I only knew that there was something there and it would find me.  I’m creeping up on my introduction anniversary to Hecate soon; my dedication is not far behind.  I find that all the titles that she has or all the names she is called by there are many similarities.

She helps me find the strength within myself and the dedication to keep going.  I see her in the trees and feel her in the wind.  I see her in the flames on my altar and know she is near by the smell of the sage burning there.  The candle on my ancestor altar flickers and I know that she is there standing between me and the land of the dead. 

My chants call out to her:

Hecate Mistress of the three ways
Offerings at the crossroads, you find
Hecate, Light bearing Queen
Come forth and enlighten my mind.
Hecate, Queen of the Witches
Give power to my magic this night.
Hecate, Keeper of the Keys
Unlock your power and bless this rite.
By: Sosanna

Hecate is a goddess of antiquity.  Take a bit of time to get to know the history of this Goddess.  I am a member of the Covenant of Hekate, you can find more information on this here.  We also have a Facebook page for the Friends of the Covenant

Namaste & Blessed Be


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