S is for Sexuality - Pagan Blog Project 2012

[sek-shoo-al-i-tee or, especially Brit., seks-yoo-]

1. Sexual character; possession of the structural and functional traits of sex.
2. Recognition of or emphasis upon sexual matters.
3. Involvement in sexual activity.
4. An organism's preparedness for engaging in sexual  activity.

So this week I’ve had an eye opening experience.  I’ve always known that pagan people are very open sexually.  We accept all sexual variants speaking very generally.  And of course we all know about “Beltane”.  The Great Rite is one of the hallmarks of Wicca.  For those that may not be familiar this is where the Maiden and the Male God are joined together usually symbolically by the use of an Athame and a Chalice in a fertility ritual.

I am a very open sexual being.  I have no issue discussing sex. I was introduced to Wicca via Tantric magic or Sex Magic and Tantric Yoga. 

I am monogamous.  My partner and I have been together ten years.  We have been faithful to each other for those same years.  Up until this past year I’ve been a solitary.  I did not venture outside my own walls as it relates to my spiritual practices, however I recently became involved with a local group and have had my eyes opened!

Through email questions and learning about events outside our group, I’ve learned that some consider the word Pagan to also mean “Free Love”.  Now at first, when someone asked me if I supported free love, I was like, sure love is good.  Everyone love.  I even checked it out on the old faithful Wikipedia to make sure I wasn’t agreeing to something I didn’t want to.  For example, I am completely accepting of any sexual activity that is between consenting adults.  I am NOT however, supportive of groups like NAMBLA.

Now that being said, I’m not one to bash anyone sexual appetite but can I just make a wee little suggestion here.  I’ve come up with a few things that may help ease tensions in a group setting.  Just because I’m pagan, specifically Hecatean, it does not mean that I’m automagically a sex maniac.  Please observe the following:

  1. I came out of the broom closet for spirituality, not sexuality.
  2. I am not interested in talking about your penis.
  3.  Openly diverse group is not code for swingers.
  4. I do not want to know what or WHO you did last night.
  5. Please do not touch me, a hug every now and then is fine, but unless you have a medical degree, I don’t want an exam.
  6. You are not twelve or Bevis and Butthead – you do not need to make crude innuendo.

There!  Easy breezy. 

Whips and Chains – Great! - Safe Sane & Consensual
Group Sex – Whatever floats your boat 
Talking to me?  Keep it clean please!
I am a wife, a mother and a lady, and if you can’t respect that, please leave me alone.

Namaste & Blessed Be


Anonymous said...

Sex is one of my favorite subjects, but I feel the same way about you as far as Paganism and the "free love" thing. The two just don't equate in my head.

Yes, I will gladly answer questions about control-based relationship dynamics and BDSM, but I won't go into details in general conversation. No one wants to know all that person stuff.

Yes, sex between consenting adults (regardless of the number) is great! People may certainly be polygamous, if they so choose. We're monogamous and that makes us happy. ^.^

I'm cool with ritual nudity, as long as people aren't touching me, or looking at me like a hungry big cat. LOL

If someone gets into a sexual conversation, I'm all ears and happy to participate, but it's not polite to just throw it out there. What's fine with me is not necessarily fine with others. I definitely agree that we all need to remember that, and respect each other's boundaries. :)

Unknown said...

I have no problems discussing sex either, and I'm extremely monogamous. I believe my appetite is pretty average, but I haven't gotten any in quite a while, so it may have changed.

As long as it's consentual sex between adults, I don't really care what you do, but if it affects animals or children in an adverse way, I get pissed. And that's not limited to what you thought of immidiately when you read it, but in some cases other behavior can affect children too.

Not all versions of sexuality (like some varieties of multiple partners) are favorable when you're raising kids. But I don't include for example homosexuality in that. I believe homosexuals can be just as good parents as anyone else.

David Benz said...

Sex is amidst among my favorite topics, however I feel the same way concerning you because far because Paganism and also the "free love" thing. They just don't equate inside my head.
Absolutely, I will gladly reaction queries about control-based partnership mechanics along with BDSM, however I won't go straight into details as a whole conversation. Nobody would wish to understand every single one of the that person stuff.

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