Sleeping in Moonbeams

Today is Sept 1, 2012.  Last night was a blue moon.  Not really anything too extraordinary however, it did give me a chance to commune with the Goddess under a gorgeous moon twice in one month.

Before I headed off to bed I snapped a few photos of her with my camera.  They are not the best photos but they are mine.

This one shows the moon just above the tree line across the road.

This second was a super zoom of her.

Then I went to bed and through the black out shades I could see the beams coming into my bedroom.  With Canyon Storm playing I laid on the bed and glanced across hubby as the moonbeams peeked out.  He said to me....  "Honey do you want to sleep in the moonbeams?"   Startled at first that something so simple was so very obvious to my husband of ten years.  I whispered yes.  After being away since 3 am, he got up and moved to the other side of the bed so I could open the curtain and bask in the beauty of the full moon.

Our house faces east and our headboard as well, so the full moon bathed me in moonbeams all night.  I dreamed of art work and sculpture pieces that I wanted to complete.  I was filled with love and creation much like a mother ready to give birth to something beautiful.  

At 5:40 this morning the dogs woke me.  I stumbled out into the living room to see them and from the west, the back of our house there she was.  That wonderful full moon calling to me.  I grabbed my camera and took a few shots before she slowly set behind the trees.  

I sit typing this full of hope and encouragement.  I sit here, covered in moonbeams, looking towards the future.

Take a moment to enjoy what is around you.  Working too hard makes you miss that time to play.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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