NaBloWriMo - Intro and Monday Memories - 1

I’ve decided to participate in the NaBloWriMo.  Basically it is 31 days 31 posts.  This first post is an possible outline that I hope to follow for the project.

Monday – Memories – childhood toys games and stuff
Tuesday – Talented Tuesday – Things I find cool
Wednesday – Witchy Wednesday – Things that are Hecate/Pagan in Nature
Thursday – Tirade – Things that annoy me
Friday – Pagan Blog Project 2012
Saturday – Crafts Samhain’s Sirens
Sunday – Shelter Me – List photos of pets that need homes

Today is Monday Memories and I need to introduce myself.  So here we go:

I’m Sosanna and I am owner operator and resident artist at Sosanna’s Closet.  I make clay figurines, witch’s rosaries and other assorted merchandise and sell it in my etsy shop.  I have a wonderful hubby and many cyber sisters that are working with me on several projects this month.  I have many passions including nutrition, LGBT Equality and Animals which I share on Pinterest.  Over the next month I hope to share many of these with you.

Monday  Memories: 

I come from a very large family.  My grandmother had 10 children.  Seven of those children were girls.  I could easily say that I have over 100 cousins and second cousins.  Earlier this year I lost contact with the majority of my family over different issues.  Things from the Chick-fil-A posting to me putting my mother in a nursing home have taken a huge toll on those that I did consider family.    I sometimes wonder if they think of me.   Do they miss me?  Am I part of their Monday Memories? 
Be it weakness or perhaps it’s just me being a sucker.  I would like them to know I do think of them.  Here are a few pictures of my memories.

Namaste & Blessed Be


Not Hannah said...

I luff you. Just wanted you to know...

Perle said...

Our memories shape us. Hope the wounds heal in time. Blessed be.

Anonymous said...

It is sad and unfortunate when family allow philosophical, political, or religious differences get in the way of a relationship. I've been there for 20 years now with my dad (he couldn't deal with the fact that I grew up and became an adult).

Some of your family members will probably "come around" someday.

One of my half-second cousins said she just couldn't associate with me, since I'm Pagan and she's Jehovah's Witness. She ultimately apologized and said she realized our religious differences shouldn't stand in the way of the things we *do* have in common.

It can happen. :)

Alexis Kennedy said...

Well, now you have me as new family.. and I think you're awesome ;)

Sosanna said...

<3 (((Kallan)))

Sosanna said...

I agree completely. It's crazy how it happens that way. I found the photos and posted the ones that reminded me of things.

Sosanna said...

That they do...

Sosanna said...