NaBloWriMo – Shelter Me Sunday 4 – Homeless

This week for the Shelter Me Sunday series I wanted to focus on some animals that are in need of homes.  Not everyone is able to actually adopt an animal.  If this is your situation there are so many other things you can do to help them.

Many shelters have wish lists.  Locally we have a group that even has a wish list on and has collected several of the beds they needed for the Shelter building.  Check your local area to see what their needs are.  Usually they can always use the following items.

Animal Nursing Bottles – Puppy/Kitten Formula – Food Dishes
Grooming Tools – Shampoo – Brushes- Leashes - Collars
Tennis Balls –Kong Toys – Cat Toys
Crates (Lg/Sm), Heating Pads/Lamps
Blankets – Towels – News Paper
Ponchos – Flash Lights – Gloves

Many need people to come out and spend time with the animals and cash to assist with medical care or adoption events.  So time and Money are great donations!
So now let’s see the animals!

Meet Freckles

Photo Credit - Melody Drew

Freckles is a young small female mixed breed and weighs about 35lbs.  She recently birthed a litter of puppies and was spayed on 10/22.  She has great manners in the car and loves to have a bath.  Freckles loves other dogs, people and children but does not care for cats.  If you think you might be interested in adopting her please contact Melody L. Drew or Dixie Lee Price.

Meet Buddy.


Photo Credit - Melody Drew

Buddy is a young  German Shepard Dog .  He is estimated to be about 2 years old.  Buddy knows how to sit and is high energy.  Buddy was pulled from the shelter and is being housed at a boarding kennel until he can find a home.  Buddy is up to date on his shots and has a microchip.  He’s still thin and could stand to gain about 15-20 pounds.  If you think you might be interested in adding this great dog to your home please contact Melody L. Drew.

Let’s check out some Kittens

Photo Credit - Melody Drew & Nona Hunter

This is a litter of precious little babies looking for a home.  They are black and grey and still showing their blue baby kitten eye color.  If you might be interested in these kittens please contact Melody L. Drew or Nona Hunter for the most up to date information.

This is our second litter.

 Photo Credit - Connie Whitaker

This is a second litter of kittens looking for a home.  They are on dry food and are learning how to be cats.  The foster says they are playful and mischievous and are ready for a great home.  If you think you might be interested in on of them please contact Connie Whitaker.

Finally, I want to share the story of Jake.  

Jake belonged to a 77 year old man with Parkinson’s disease who was just diagnosed with throat and lung cancer a month ago.  Jake’s owner, had one last wish.  He wanted to see his dog go to a forever home.  Jake is a 7 year old chocolate lab and springer spaniel mix.  He’s loving and faithful. On October 26th Jake's owner passed away.  Currently there are a few people interested in adopting him but if you believe that Jake may be a fit for you please reach out.

Jake would be a great in a single pet home located in or around the Myrtle Beach area.  If you think you may be able to assist this family please contact – Cindy Bright (Einstein’s Dog-Sitting Service LLC) at 843-293-0416 or 843-457-0893 or email her at

*Note the video was made prior to Mr. Neill's passing*

That’s our last entry for Sunday Shelter Me.  If you can adopt, please do.

PLEASE Remember to spay and neuter your pets.

Namaste and Blessed Be

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