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 Note: I'm writing this post due to the fact that I contacted 4 different "Shelter" groups to feature on my blog today and none replied.  After reviewing each page I found something interesting.  They are all strong "anti-breeder" shelters.

This week for the Shelter Series I’m going to take a look at something that many people over look.  Today, tons of animals are put down every year due to what some people say is irresponsible breeding practices.  The Humane Society of the United States quotes the number as being four million.

Pet overpopulation is a huge issue and certainly needs to be addressed.  That being said, who is ultimately responsible for this issue?  Is it the pet store who sold the dog?  The breeder who ‘created’ the dog?  Let’s look at this from a couple of prospective.

If my dog bites you in the park, do you sue the pet store?  I mean they should have made sure that I trained my dog properly, right?  Should they have made sure that I was a good owner and knew how to make sure my dog wouldn't bite?  Should they be held responsible for the face that I didn’t socialize my dog?

If my dog digs out of his yard and comes into your flower bed every day and digs up your prize tulips whose responsible?  Maybe we should sue the breeder, because, because you know, if we put that breeder out of business, there will be so many fewer dogs to dig up gardens.  Yeah that’s the ticket!

If my dog is unaltered and I let her run freely about my neighborhood she could get pregnant.  She could have a lot of puppies that I end up giving away in the Wal-Mart parking lot … or maybe on Craig’s List.  Those pups could end up at the shelter and ultimately put down.  Who’s responsible?  The breeder I got my dog from?  Or is it the local animal control that never followed up on complaints?

You know who is responsible?  
That’s right.  ME.  I’m responsible.  I went and purchased a dog because I wanted to have a Yorkie.  I wanted a pure bred.  That’s my right.  No one is looking around at all the children in foster care and saying HEY no more babies until all these are adopted!  Umm no.  That’s not how you “teach” responsible parenting.  Nor is it how you teach responsible pet ownership. 

Adopting from the shelter is a great endeavor.  I have the utmost respect for those that do that.  Sadly however they do not respect me.  No matter how many fosters I take in or how many times I help trap and release feral cats, I’m still a horrible “breeder”.

I feel like I should be standing on a back alley, opening my jacket with pockets filled with little pups…

“Hey bub… Over here… I gota nice Yorkie today.”

Photo Credit - ETKennels -  Chanel Turtle Summerwind


People want a certain type of dog.  I believe that if they indeed want to have that dog, they should be able to get a dog from a responsible breeder who cares about the dogs.  One who raises them as part of their own family?  One who spends day and night with the dogs? 

I love my dogs.  I work with the owners of the dogs to ensure that they are all going to loving homes. 

At ETKennels, I also offer to always take those dogs back.  If at any time the dog is no longer a fit for the family, I want it back here at my home.  EVERYONE who gets a dog from me has that option.

Photo Credit - ETKennels - The Chihuahuas
Photo Credit - ETKennels - The Pack
So yes, I am a breeder.  I’m also a foster, a rescuer and a responsible pet owner.  ALL of my “PETS” are altered and up to date. 

Photos Credit - ETKennels - Elijah & Our Pups
To locate a spay or neuter location in your area, simply search on Google.  There are TONS of solutions to help you become a responsible pet owner.

Wondering if you should breed your dog?  

If you’re asking that question, the answer is no.  Here’s a great FAQ by the AKC on dog breeding.

Local Resources

Tips on Finding a Responsible Breeder

 AKC - American Kennel Club

Not sure? Just ask.  I'm always willing to answer questions and help folks get in contact with Rescues Shelter or other organizations that will assist you in finding a rescue.

Namaste & Blessed Be!

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