NaBloWriMo - Talented Tuesday 4 - Velody Dark

For this weeks Talented Tuesday I’m featuring Velody at Treegold & Beegold.  Her Facebook Page has an amazing message:

Quote from her Page:
Treegold and Beegold is about creating items influenced by modern and historic earth-based spirituality for both children and the whole family. Our goal is to fill a void for infant/toddler items that showcase common symbology, imagery or themes of earth-based faiths, often referred to as Pagan or Neo-Pagan.

Treegold & Beegold offers amazing assortment Pagan Family friendly items from custom embroidered bibs to little witch families for the back of the car.

Photo Credit - Treegold & Beegold

Photo Credit - Treegold & Beegold

Photo Credit - Treegold & Beegold

Velody has even thought about our pets!

Photo Credit - Treegold & Beegold

I've known Velody for a quite a few years now and have participated in many of her blog giveaways.  This past Ostara I won a prize of mix and match memory pieces from her shop.  She was a bit late in shipping it out and included a free Goddess for my car!  She was giving me something for free, for not sending my “free” item fast enough.

Photo Credit - Photographer - Renee Olson
Goddess Sticker - Treegold & Beegold -

It’s this attention to detail and honest desire to be fair to people that makes me love Velody’s work and dedication to helping us teach our children about our Pagan/Heathen roots.

Velody’s blog is on a temporary hiatus but you can still find her wonderful work at her Etsy shop.   Take a hop over there and check out her inventory.  She’s got a lot of amazing things to show you.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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