NaBloWriMo - Witchy Wednesday #2

Last week for Witchy Wednesday I gave you a few blogs that I like to go to in order to stay up to date with my Witchy news.   This week I’m going to talk about those things that we all need to keep our witchdom up and running.  SHOPPING!

Buying new Witchy items can be extremely time consuming and expensive.  Living in a rural area can be daunting if there are no new age stores nearby.  I live in a very small town and have over an hour to drive in each direction before I find a pagan shop.  Here’s a few that I have close.

To the South West I have

Silver Sisters Cottage - Photo Credit - Photographer - Renee Olson

Silver Stars – Fayetteville

Silver Stars - Photo Credit - Photographer - Renee Olson

To the West I have
Dancing Moon – Raleigh

To the North I have

Truely Unique - Photo Credit - Photographer - Renee Olson

And Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions.

Photo Credit - Sojo Website

Each a pretty far drive from me.  Much of my shopping like so many others I have to take mundane items and make them magical.  I hit up local thrift stores to find candle holders, incense trays or other items.  These are a great place to get good merchandise at a really low price and work on lowering our carbon foot print.

Below on my altar you can see my red tray that I use to keep my tea lights in order.  I got this at the thrift store.  Total price 3.00.  :)  (Altar built by my wonderful hubby)

Photo Credit - Photographer - Renee Olson

Other options for getting your witch on is of course online shopping.  This year we saw eBay remove spells from their list of approved items.  No longer can you order a sex genie to increase the size of your penis, but I noticed last night a quick search for “Spells” quickly returned over 3000 items.  Probably the only people put out of business by their new policy were actual witches, but I digress.

I've personally purchased from several online shops and I know owners of several Etsy shops.  There are lots out there, but I’m going to highlight just a few.

In an attempt to develop my scrying abilities I purchased a crystal ball from Pagan Stuff Cheap, a division of Eye of Nuit, Snowy has made this a great place to go to get your witchywears.  My crystal ball is amazing, I absolutely love it.

Photo Credit - Photographer - Renee Olson

I've also found an amazing lady “Eliora” who makes these wonderful athames.  They are astounding.  Each one is directed to a particular Goddess.  I’ve had my eye on that Hecate one for quite a while now.  She has each one listed in her Etsy shop as well as amazing collection of besoms, and even an entire altar cabinet that is just amazing!

Photo Credit - Eliora - Etsy Shop

I've also started my own shop – Sosanna’s Closet

Many people asked me why I started this shop.  Well I've always been a rather crafty witch with a really good ability to think outside the box.  The most common phrase in my house is, “Don’t throw that away I can use it for something.”   I've made wreaths and other items for folks and everyone always said, you should sell these.  So, this year I started my online business.  

I hope to have an actual store front over the next few years.  I participate in local vending events and also have an esty shop.   My goal is provide a lovely addition to someone’s altar or magical space without taking their first born as payment.

Here are a few of my wares.

Photo Credit - Custom Made Wheel of the Year - Sosanna's Closet

Photo Credit - Travel Elemental Box - Sosanna's Closet

Photo Credit - Smokey Quart Witch's Rosary - Sosanna's Closet

Photo Credit - Goddess in Clay - Sosanna's Closet

So that’s it for this week’s Witchy Wednesday.  Take a moment to check out each of the shops if you can.  If not, buy local.  Local artisans are just trying to stay afloat in this economy; small businesses really need your support.  You can help them build it! (smirk)

Namaste & Blessed Be

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