Pagan Blog Project 2012 - U is for Unity

U is for Unity:  u·ni·ty/ˈyo͞onətē/ 

Noun:   The state of being united or joined as a whole, esp. in a political context. Harmony or agreement between people or groups.

Unity.  As defined, unity is a harmonious agreement between people or groups.  Some may think of a circle as “unity”.  I would agree.  When we look around our community, be it a community of witches or a group of voters one thing that is lacking in my opinion is unity. 

Now you may ask the following question, “Sosanna, how can two completely different groups unify?”  
For this I have an answer.  We are not two completely different groups.  We may indeed have differences.  Much like a litter of kittens for example.  There may be white ones and black one, maybe even a calico one.   But, they are all kittens.  We can compare this to other things, like plants or trees.  There are all types of trees, but alas they are still unified in one thing.  They are still trees.

Looking around my different circles today I can see where the unity has become separated.  Meaning that in my personal life, my work life and my witch life, things are broken.  I am usually a pretty upbeat positive person, which people like to be around.  Over the course of this last year I've been blocked on Face Book by 5 people, two of which I’m related to.  Now at some point you have to say, well it is what it is and move on, however I believe that this is evidence that we as a group; we as humans have an inability to coexist.  I’m not saying you need to be friends with everyone on Facebook, but I am saying is that are we so sensitive that we cannot simply exist in our worlds, unified that we are indeed all human beings that should care for the general welfare of our own species and put the need to be right on the back burner?

Perhaps this is enlightenment.  Maybe this is the point that you get to when you can look at another and know that they completely and totally disagree with you and in fact have specifically said things against you, and you can say, I honor that light in you which is also in me. 


When a group has unity, their force is greater than that of one standing alone.  We together to join a fight, a cause or battle and reach a goal much quicker than one person fighting that battle alone.

So for this week’s Pagan Blog Project and my NaBloWriMo entry, I’m asking all of my readers to take up the fight and let’s take a stand to assist one team in Maryland reach their goal in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.   This team is at 50% of their goal and has only until Sunday to complete their pledge. 

I know it’s a tough time right now, financially so what I’ve decided to do is on top of promoting this great cause and this team I’m also going to do something for those donating.  ANYONE sending a donation in via this site before Sunday will receive a coupon code for Sosanna's Closet for 20% off their purchase.  Now your donation must be made by Sunday, but your coupon code will not expire until February.  So make your donation, $5, $10 any amount will help this great event.

Let’s unify for this fight.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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