Samhain's Sirens Blog Project & NaBloWriMo

Good Morning Everyone!!

This is going to be a very very busy month.  I've got a lot of stuff going on. First, I'm extremely pleased to announce that I am participating in the Samhain's Sirens Blog Project and Giveaway.

Over the next 31 days you'll be presented with informative, fun and amazing blog posts from our very on Samhain's Sirens.  We will be delivering messages related to our personal views on Samhain, Halloween and all things in-between.

I am your Crafty Siren and will be sharing all sorts of amazing craft ideas for this wonderful season as well as some great stuff around the Goddess Hecate.  Head over to our Samhain's Siren Blog for the info!

Remember to take  part in the give away complete all the steps necessary to qualify.  Following blogs, tweeting entries and sharing on Facebook will help you rack up the entries and qualify for some great stuff!

Next, I'm also taking part in the NaBloWriMo.  Thirty-one days of blogging madness.  This is the first year I've participated in this so I'm looking forward to it.

I'm hoping to stick to this schedule

Monday Memories - Stuff thought out my life
Talented Tuesday - Things I think are amazingly talented.  Music Art and so on.
Witchy Wednesday - What would October be like w/o Witchy stuff!
Thursday Tirade - Stuff that just ticks me off
Friday - Pagan Blog Project Post
Saturday - Samhain's Sirens' Saturday Craft-tacular
Sunday Shelter - Networking Pets that are looking for homes

Looking forward to an amazing month!

Namaste & Blessed Be

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