NaBloWriMo - Talented Tuesday! - 1 - Blake & Gwain

Good morning everyone!!  As day two rolls around and I'm ready to start my NaBloWriMo entry for Talented Tuesday.   Talented Tuesday will include anything that I find really cool about people who are really talented.  It maybe books, music or anything else that I think takes talent.

Today I'm going to start with music.  Music soothes the savage beast, and helps keep my bipolar in check.  I'm able to get work done, and even get a little creative myself provided I have had enough sleep.  The issue with that is that like most biploar people my brain goes and goes and goes.  I have to find things to help me calm down.

In January of this year my hubby had emergency surgery and the whole deal with my mother started.  I was going 900 miles an hour.  After attending a book signing with Blake Blair Octavian for his works in the 2012 Witch's Companion, we continued our daily coffee chats.  I was soon introduced to Gwain Nighthawk, musician and husband to Blake. and we all three began chatting away.  Gwain and Blake are wonderful people.  They are people I do indeed call my friends.  We've spent hours chatting online and was thrilled to have them visit me at Central NC Pagan Pride Days at the Sosanna's Closet tent.

I've been to several events where Blake and Gwain have preformed and they are amazing. Earlier this year they released a CD called Canyon Storm.  The day I got the cd I uploaded it to my iTunes and put it on my ipod.  It's been playing me to sleep for months now.  I adore this CD.  Due much encouragement, chats and hearing the lovely music on this CD I've even started to play myself.  I got the Sparrowhawk in A from High Spirits.  My net purchase will be from Tree of Life Designs.  Ed has some really lovely flutes there and he's local.

I've shared a few of my practices on YouTube, but instead of you hearing me mess around with this thing, why not hear the professionals.

So today for my Talented Tuesday I'm going to feature Blake, Gwain and their amazing cd Canyon Storm.  You can grab a copy on their website, facebook pages and at CDBaby.

See ya tomorrow for Witchy Wednesday!

Namaste & Blessed Be


Alexis Kennedy said...

Love the post, love Blake & Gwain, love their music, love you!!

Stephanie said...

Nice post. I will have to check out there stuff. :)