The Aftermath....

So over the last month I've been participating in the Pagan Blog Project, the NaBloWriMo and Samhain's Siren's Blog Extravaganza. We had the election last night and of course ShadowHarvest this past weekend.

I have to say I am completely wiped out.  I hope to be back up and blogging by Friday.  I had intended to participate in the the 30 days of Thanksvember but it's turning into a bit much for me this first week, as well as fighting a cold has me at my wits end.

So please be patient with me as I try to get this pulled together and get back in the swing of things.  I appreciate all the support for Sosanna's Closet and the sponsors for the great pups that we ended up rescuing over the weekend.

So with that.. here's a photo or two, if you'd like to sponsor a pup just let me know.

Photo Credit - ETKennels

Photo Credit - ETKennels


Photo Credit - ETKennels - Cleopatra

Photo Credit - ETKennels - Cosco

Photo Credit - ETKennels - Peanut

Photo Credit - ETKennels - Precious

For anyone that would like a full gown dog, I have a male that is intact but has all his regular shots, he just needs to have his rabies updated.  He's good with kids and is an indoor only dog.  He's a big ole lover boy.  His name is Apollo.  If you'd be interested in giving him a great home please just reach out.

Photo Credit - Apollo's Owner

Namaste & Blessed Be

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