X is for Xmas

With Samhain behind us and Yule fast approaching its time for us to prepare ourselves for our all-time favorite, Holiday Memes.  Recently I saw a on Facebook a friend post “Keep Christ in Christmas”.   Now being raised in the south I can tell you that starting this time of year we see these on billboards, yard signs and on church marquees. 

Here’s an example of a billboard with a similar message.

Now, I love language.  Word origins and puns make my day.  With a little bit of digging and with the help of Merriam-Webster.com, I found the perfect way to explain to my Christian friends that Xmas, isn’t a four letter word.

Origins – X is from the Greek latter CHI (X), initial of Christos Christ) + mas = CHRIST MAS  or Christmas.

Perfect right?  I did it.  It is not Satan.  It is not Pagan’s attempting to derail their holiday.  IT IS Christmas.

Armed with this awesome information I headed over to a family member’s Facebook page.  I saw she posted that crazy message and she’s a pretty intelligent person.  So I figured, why let her continue to look stupid?  I posted on her message the link to the DICTIONARY and suggested that she have a look at the real meaning of Xmas.

Her response:

I don’t attack your religious beliefs, please don’t attack mine.

OK….  IF your religion is attacked by a dictionary, I think it is time to re-evaluate your beliefs.

SO…   needless to say when I saw this statement I was completely blown away by the ignorance.  Here I was trying to educate, let her know that Xmas wasn’t some sort of pagan highjacking of a Christian holiday and I get hit with that.  WOW

You know how pagans like to steal holidays…  Yeah.

So I went ahead and just removed her.  I wouldn’t want to offend her with the upcoming Yule season approaching.  I guess we’ll just let the Christians keep the Christ in Christmas


Namaste & Blessed B


Anonymous said...

The whole "Keep the Christ" in Christmas thing is... You know, it's fine. I get what they are trying to say, but the explanation you gave wasn't an attack. People are overly-sensitive, I guess.

I wonder what would happen if *we* got all "Keep the Mithras/Osirus/etc. in Yule"... We'd be told to just suck it up, because the majority celebrates Christmas.

Buddhagan said...

My favorite Xmas meme - "Jesus is the reason for the season". Umm no, the earth's tilt is the reason for the season. Although I get what they are trying to say (keeping the holiday spiritual vs commercial). Oh and those who get upset at saying generic greetings vs specific ones. Honestly, Happy Holidays is all inclusive and really, isn't this what the holiday spirit is about?

Sisterlisa said...

Sadly, yes. Some Christians have their feelings on their sleeves about tradition and theology. Christmas isn't even in the Bible.

Unknown said...

How sad. A friend of mine posted a video for the song "Same Love" on her facebook page and said she thought the whole world should listen to it. A friend of hers posted how she refused to share it because she was a Christian and would not spread the "gay agenda." Just further proof that many Christians do not WANT to be informed people. They WANT to remain ignorant and spread hatred, bigotry, and misinformation. I know that is not the case with all Christians but it seems like it more often than not.
If they really believed what they were saying, they would not celebrate Christmas in its present form. There would be no presents, no lights, no tree, no stockings, no Santa because NONE of those things has to do with the birth of their Christ. That's just my two-cents...

Aine O'Brien said...

Your friend is the pot calling the kettle black - She is the one that is trying to attack other beliefs by taking a time of year that is recognized by many cultures and belief systems and stating that it should be all about her own religion. And also? If she wants someone to blame for taking the christ out of christmas, she should look to the advertisers and retail establishments. Obsessions about material possessions is the real thief of this time of year.