Pagan Blog Project - Z is for Zoomancy

For returning visitors to my blog you all know that I am extremely interested in divination in one form or another.  I've studied all types of scrying.   I've researched the tarot and dream interpretation.   I really believe that I do have some connection to “seeing the future”.  There are times I’ll dream what hubby is dreaming or I’ll know someone is going to call before they call.

Sort of an intuition if you will.  I have a tendency to experience insomnia when my kid does.  I do believe that in some way, I know when things are happening.  Earlier this month for example hubby and I were in Wilson at the Harris Teeter and I looked at him and said, someone is talking about me.  A few minutes later we get a message from my uncle about a stove he wants to give us.

Those little things help me know that I am indeed connected to a spiritual energy.  With my connection to animals I was really surprised that I hadn't heard about Zoomancy until I was researching a “Z” word for the Pagan Blog Project 2012.

Checking out the website Occultopedia, I found some really awesome info on Zoomancy.  For instance many cultures around the world practiced one form of Zoomancy or another.  Babylonians studied sleeping oxen’s reaction to having water tossed on them.  Hittites watched eels and Etruscans watched the movements of hens and roosters.

As I was reading this article as soon as I read that in medieval times howling of dogs was said to mean death was coming I immediately thought of Hecate.  Howling of dogs is said to signal her presence and as we all know she is the Goddess of the Magic and Necromancy.  We know that she stands at the crossroads with the keys to guide newly departed souls to the next realm.

This came full circle for me because last night I went to the hospital to visit my grandma of 97 years.  She’s frail and tired looking.  Her eyes, though filled with youth are shown with the weight of a long long life.  She talked to me going back and forth from present to past about farming and her beloved husband. 

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

She said it was foretold that if your husband builds you a house, he will only live six years following.  That’s what happened to her.  Her husband passed away at 57.  I never met him.  He died well before I was born.  She told me last night that it was a long time ago.  I could see the sadness come over her face.  She is ready I believe.  I made peace with myself as I left the hospital.  She’s looking now, standing at the crossroads waiting for Hecate to arrive.  She wants to move on and be with her beloved Joe.  I know he’s there.  In her mind her peace will come when they are together again.  She has lived a long full life.  She’s raised ten children alone and even managed to end up raising two grandchildren as well.  She is our matriarch and when she is gone I believe our family will finally part ways.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

She taught me about wives tales and animals.  My first salt was tossed over my shoulder at her direction.  She told me about Joe coming to visit her at the end of her bed the night he passed and I've always believed that on her last night, she will come to let me know as well.  I believe my since of responsibility, understanding, fairness and my gift of sight comes from her.  I will miss her dearly.

Photo Credit - Nadine Going

I still continue to find my divination source.  I will certainly look more into the art of Zoomancy.  With all the animals I have around me, perhaps this is my calling.

Namaste & Blessed Be


Wendy S. said...

What a beautiful grandma you have and how blessed you are to have her. Your insights and ways of divining are wonderful. I hope you keep posting about how divination plays in your life. Have a blessed Yule.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Grandma are great and hope in the feature when becoming a Grandma...I can provide wonderful memories to my Grandchildren.

Coffee is on.