Liebster Award

As many of you know I participate in quite a few blog projects, giveaways and general marketing of bloggers, crafty types and the like.  I really enjoy getting to read up and coming bloggers and seeing what new things are out there.  I like to think that my blog offers others out there information and even a laugh or two.

I love to see other prospective and try to learn from others.  I get a few comments on my own blog from time to time and honestly I don't reply as often as I should.  Earlier this week I got a message on my Sosanna's Closet Facebook Page letting me know that one of my blog followers had selected my blog as one of her featured five for the Liebster Award.

Sabrina's Witchy Wonderland selected my blog, along with four others to bestow this award to.  Now I need to pass this on to five other bloggers with less than 250 followers and offer eleven facts about myself.

The idea here is to drive traffic via "word of mouth" to get other bloggers names out there.  Happy to take part in such an undertaking I'm really thrilled to participate.

So first here is my list

BoldlyGo - Blog about Trans* issues, disability and life.  The author rights with passion and vigor.

Good Green Witch - Blog about the state of our environment, from vegan-ism to deforestation.

The Cauldron - A Witch's Journey - From recipes, photography to spells, Stevie deliver's a delightful look at paganism and life.

I'm Not Hannah - Blog about life as a Pagan Mother, and the trial and tribulations associated with it.

Cordelia's Cauldron - Blog about being a Pagan Mom and Nana, I really like reading over this blog.

Now, I'm supposed to list eleven things about me you may not know.  I'm so very open here I'm not sure there are anythings about me you don't know. But here we go.

1. I'm a Counselor over at Pagan-Place.  I work the early morning at 6:00 am.
2. I now have a section on Kallan's Sunday Stew called "Sparkle and Shine".
3. I hate guns, but I support your right to have one.
4. I HATE biting into a raw onion.
5. I love love love Canyon Storm - by Gwain Nighthawk and Blake Octavian Blair
6. I have panic attacks.
7. I work 3 jobs.
8. My favorite color is purple.
9. I'm a Pisces.
10. I love Latin music.
11. I'm extremely shy.

Well there ya go.  There's my list.  I'll link over to the blogs above to let them know they've been selected.  If you get a chance to check them out I really recommend it.  Now I'll leave you with two of my favorite videos.

Ricky Martin - The Best Thing About Me Is You

Gwain Nighthawk - Flute Improv

Namaste & Blessed Be


Alexis Kennedy said...

Congratulations, sis! Love everything about this post!

Unknown said...

Congrats! What fun!

petoskystone said...

Congrats! :) With 3 jobs, when do you have time for panic attack? ;) (seriously, hope they aren't too severe)

Stephanie said...

Congrats and love your blog. :)