Re-use Score!

Last night hubby and I went to the store to look for some cloak clasps for the shop.  We walked in the store through the garden center and I saw these cute little trees from Christmas.  They had artificial flowers in them and other decorations.  They were in a metal pot and were on clearance.

I picked one up and carried it in the store to check the price.  I scanned it and it said “.02”.  Yes, two cents.  So after we finished our shopping I went back to the garden center and found five of the little trees.  They’re probably about 8-12 inches tall.  I grabbed them all and went to check out.

The cashier rang them up for indeed two cents apiece. 

This morning I went outside and planted the little guys.  I’m not sure if they’ll live or not but check out what I got for a total of ten cents.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

And here's what it breaks down to:

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

Five tree, five metal containers, five plastic planting containers, red cellophane for packing or wrapping gifts and lots of decor I can use for wreaths!

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

Major Score!

I hope they live.

Namaste and Blessed Be