Pagan Blog Project 2013 - D is for Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing down the moon is a ritual that is preformed generally by those with Gardnerian or Alexandrian Wicca backgrounds.  In this ceremony the high priestess preforms a ritual to invoke the spirit of the Goddess under a full moon.  Sometimes the ritual requires the priestess to recite a work created by compiling writings by Gerald Gardner and Aleister Crowley called “The Charge of the Goddess”. 

I have a copy of a variation of “The Charge of the Goddess” on my wall over my altar.  It’s been there for years and I usually recite it when I’m doing my full moon ceremonies.  Many years before my dedication to Hecate I would always see her name come out of the spiral as if to say, I am here.  Draw your energy from me. 

My first experience with drawing down came from the book by the same name, Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler.  A friend of mine was studying Religions of the World at ODU in Virginia and had this book as recommended reading.  He shared it with me and it was my first real introduction to Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca. It is certainly worth reading.

~ NOTE I am not trained in any rites of the specific Wiccan Traditions and am a solitary follower of the Goddess Hecate. 

For my ritual I call the guardians and cast a circle in my sacred space.  I have a playlist that I use specifically for these types of rituals. 

Even though I do not practice Wicca, I can feel the connection between myself and the moon.  Being a follower of Hecate the moon is very important to many of the rituals that I hold for her.  I stand in front of my altar with candles blazing and call forth to the Goddess to give me the strength that she herself possesses.  I call to the moon to fill my body with the energy and power that it radiates.  With arms lifted high and moonbeams dancing across my body, I feel at peace with the universe and revitalized with the vivacity of the Goddess.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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