Epic Blogger Award

Today one of my dear friends left me an award on my blog.  Vickie from Aoibheal's Lair gave me the "Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness".

The award comes with a few rules.

1. Display the award on your page.
2. Link back to the person that gave it to you.
3. List 10 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers to get the award.

I got the first two done, now for ten things about myself... let's see.....

1. I love love love Tattoos!  I just got a new tattoo yesterday...
Photo Credit - Renee Olson
Tattooist - Elijah Olson
2. I love to work with Clay.  I'm working on a new piece, it's a dragon coaster.  The center dish is for holding a coffee mug.  It's still in progress.  I'm deciding on paint colors now while it dries.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

3. I have an amazing kid who just published her first book on amazon.  She created the book to use as a fundraiser for a chest reduction surgery.  Her current fund raiser status can be found here.

Photo Credit - A.L. Olson

4. I have a deep love for sexy music....

From Rap

to Pop

to Blues

5. I am a Devotee to the Goddess Hecate and a member of The Covenant of Hekate.  This will be my second year taking part as a solitary in the Rite of her Sacred Fires.   Hecate called to me last year and I completed the Rite of the Red Cord to devote myself to her.  I spend a great deal of time researching the history of Hecate as well as incorporating her into my art.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

6. I love animals.  I have yorkies, chihuahuas, 3 indoor cats, a parakeet, 3 grown hens, 6 baby chicks and a colony of 5 feral cats.  I raise yorkies with my hubby at ETKennels.  I also foster and rescue.  We offer a program at our kennel called "Always Home".  As part of our contract, any pups that can no longer be cared for are returned to us.  They will either live out their days in our home or will be re-homed with a new loving family.  In this way we ensure that none of our dogs end up in shelters.  We also offer support in answering questions, getting shot info and helping locating animal resources as needed for everyone.  Not just those who buy from us.

7. I am an advocate for LGBT Rights.  When I started my work with the LGBT Community, it was the LG Community and we had Pride in the Park in Norfolk VA.  There were 10 people and a hibachi.  I moved to San Diego and was completely blown away by the size of their Pride celebration.  I volunteered with the LGBT Center and began working with Marriage Equality.  I'm thrilled to see changes over the past years including Marriage rights for LGBT in many states.  Full federal equality is coming!

8. I'm gamer geek from days of old.  I started with a game called Tel-arena on a computer bulletin board and ended up working for Sony Online Entertainment as Lead GM Salonafinn.  It doesn't matter what you do in a GM situation, you'll always end up with one pissed off group and one happy group.  My exploits can still be found on Goggle today.

9.  I believe we should all have good food.  GMO scares me.  No one seems to think it's not a good idea to put different types of DNA into corn, soybeans or other food and then feed them to our kids.  It's just crazy.

10. I have a shop called Sosanna's Closet.  We're starting out vending at local events such as CNC Pagan Pride in Raleigh and Earth Day at Truely Unique in Wilson.

Now... I need to nominate 10 other blogs... let's see.....

I know many of these will probably have already been nominated but I'm going to add them just the same....

1. I adore Rhonda over at Good Green Witch.  Learning about our environment and sharing information on everything from plastics to fracking, Rhonda has an amazing way of delivering the information in an upfront, clear and concise way.

2. Kallan's Sunday Stew is just one of the great things on the menu at The Secret Life of the American Working Witch.  From current events, news to dealing with stress there's always something wonderful going on there.

3. Monica over at TransGriot tells it like it is even when it comes to calling out HRC on its treatment of the trans* community in the recent protests at the Supreme Court during the oral arguments around Marriage Equality.

4. Sam at Chronicles of an Anthropology Nerd, is not only a fellow tattoo and otter lover but also an amazing writer and a frequent shopper at Sosanna's Closet.   If you haven't checked out her blog, I highly recommend it.

5. If you want to stay up on all the latest LGBT News and happenings Joe. My. God. is an amazing blog to follow.  From finding the scoop on politicians on the down low to getting the dish on attacks in Paris at Marriage rallies, Joe offers up front and direct coverage of today's happenings.

6. Another of my favorite blogs is Pagan Culture.  Magaly shares her dark fiction as well as a glimpse into her personal life.  She's witty, strong and saucy.  Everything I love in a woman. She's currently hosting "Witches Fiction 2013 ... To the Bone", with stories and giveaways galore!!

7. Heartsong's Circle is always peaceful and enchanting to me when I arrive.  Alan has a way of being the voice of reason when hotter heads are popping off around.  He's centered and indeed sends out what I believe is a very positive loving energy.  Adding his posts and comments to your day will indeed make it a brighter place.

8. Inciting a Riot is indeed a riot.  If you're not following Fire Lyte, I recommend it.  From serious stuff to the fun, Fire Lyte says those things out loud which many of us just think about.  Over the holidays his confessions of retail kept me in stitches for weeks.

9. Fellow artist and blogger Tess, over at East Coast Craft & Curio has given us a glimpse into her life and what makes her tick.  Tess is an amazing person and I'm grateful to call her a friend.

10.  If you like current events, book reviews and general ramblings from a pagan mother prospective "I'm Not Hannah" is a great blog to follow.  I cannot begin to say enough about how witty and touching this blog can be.

Well there we have it.  My 10 things and my 10 Blogs.  I believe these are all incredibly epic blogs!

Head over and have a gander.

Namaste & Blessed Be


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Akashic Cosmic Creations said...

I feel like I know you so much better. Im totally with you on #9, specially the terminator seeds and control of world food supply...scary.

Akashic Cosmic Creations said...

Oh and I love, love the tattoo.

Magaly Guerrero said...

As I was going through your list, I read: "I have a deep love for SEX music." Yep, my name is Magaly Guerrero and I have sexy visions.

Thanks for sharing the honor, I shall display it proudly in about a week!