Meatless Monday - Super Simple Yellow Curry

One of my favorite Indian dishes is curry.  Curry can be made a number of ways.  I really like Yellow Curry.  Curry can be made with or without meat.  Obviously I’ll be making a curry dish without meat.  One of my favorite recipes calls for adding potatoes to the dish.  This dish today is a simple curry that we make when we don’t really want a big meal.

So let’s get started..

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

Basmati Rice – We cook for two so we make 2 servings
Curry Powder
Coconut Milk
Naan Bread or Pita Bread

To make perfect rice, I bring 1 ½ cups of water to a boil, add salt and 1 cup of rice.  Turn burner to low and cover the pot for 20 minutes.  Remove from heat.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

To make the curry I open 1 can of coconut milk and add it to a pot.  Sometimes your milk may form a solid on top, it’s perfectly fine to use, just add the solids as well as the milk to the pan and warm through.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

Add 2-4 tablespoons of curry powder to the milk to start and stir.  Now taste the curry, at this point you can add more curry if you’d like.  The more powder you add the hotter the curry will be.  I add my Naan Bread to a flat top cast iron pan and heat it on the back while I finish off the curry.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson
After the curry is heated through it’s ready to serve.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

If you’d like at this point you can fine cube some tofu or add boiled potatoes to the curry.
Serve over rice or with heated Naan Bread or Pita Bread

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

I really enjoy Indian, Mexican and Thai flavors.  This is a really easy way to get into making curries. 

Did you try this?  I’d  love to hear how you made out.  Want to share a recipe with me, leave me a message here or send me an email at

Namaste & Blessed Be


Magaly Guerrero said...

You know what? I haven't had any meat today. I think I will follow your lead and stay that way. I was planning to make a chickpeas and sausage casserole, but I can go with curry instead. Yum!

I'm also bookmarking this recipe. I'll tell you how it went after I make it ;-)

Sosanna said...

Sometimes I add chopped tofu to this when I want a little extra protein. You can also add potatoes. Just boil them until tender in a separate pot and then add to the curry. :)

peppylady (Dora) said...

I like curry for spice.

Coffee is on.