Pagan Blog Project 2013 - H is for Haunting

A haunting is usually a replay of something from the past.  Most hauntings are residual hauntings.  Meaning one moment in time gets replayed over and over.  One example of this might be of a farmer going outside to milk cows.  Usually it is something that the person did in their life over and over, and it’s like the needle is stuck on replay.    

When we started to remodel our carport to turn it into a kennel building for our dogs, hubby and I experienced a lot of residual paranormal activity.  On several separate occasions hubby saw an older gentleman walking first into the closet, which we used to store yard tools, then out the back door into the yard.  When I saw him, he was usually walking around in the back yard, wearing a blue baseball cap.  He never noticed us and seemed to be going about his daily chores.  The idea of residual hauntings is much like the “Stone Tape” theory.  Basically it means that the surroundings, trees, rocks and even buildings record the energy of an event, and under certain circumstances the brain can pick up these “tapped incidents” and the eyes see them.  When dealing with a residual haunting, the ghost or entity will not interact with the outside world.  It simply walks or moves through the paces of a previously completed pattern.

Now, at the same time, you can also have what is called an intelligent haunting.   Intelligent haunts are those which the energy or entity actually interacts with the living world.  This can range from knocking things off a shelf to having responses to questions.  I have had three incidents where I interacted with the energy here. 

The first time was when we first moved into our bedroom.  The end of my hall way seems to be the source of the energy.  I almost feel as though it is a conduit for the paranormal energy coming into and going out of the house.  On each side of the end of the hallway are doors.  One leads out offices and the other to our bedroom.  Originally when we set up the bedroom we had the head of the bed against that wall, with the foot facing east.  At night when I’d lay down, I’d feel a face come around the corner from the end of the hall and stare right into my face in a silent scream.  It became so worrisome that I had to move the bed to the opposite side of the room.  Now my head is pointing towards the east and the foot of my bed to the west in the direction of the door.
The next time I was sitting in the Kitchen and was doing research on the lady (Mrs. Mantha Rose) who owned the house before me.  She passed away and her family put the house up for sale.  I was reading her obituary in the local paper archives when I felt a presence in the room.  As I was reading her obituary out loud, I looked over my shoulder and there was a man standing by the pantry.  I said the first name Perry Brock and the entity shook his head no.  I then read Thurman Rose and he nodded in the affirmative and disappeared.

The final time I was sitting in my office working and I heard a loud crash from our bedroom.  I went inside the room and found my jewelry box flipped neatly upside down on the floor in front of the bed.  It had been sitting on the dresser.  It have flown 3-4 feet through the air and landed with open face down on the floor.  I started to pick my stuff up and I noticed that hubby’s mother’s ring was on the floor behind the bed.  It was a good 2 feet farther away than the rest of the contents of the box.  When I began putting my stuff back in the box I noticed that my amethyst crystal had shattered completely.  I've often felt the presence of energy here in the house and have come to accept that others may live here and it is OK.

Today I have my ancestor alter set up with photos of those who have passed.  I've included the ring that was tossed behind the bed, just to see if there is some energy associated it with. 

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

I make offerings to the dead on Samhain and pay my respects throughout the year.  I completely believe that hauntings are a real thing and usually aren't something to be afraid of.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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