Pagan Blog Project 2013 - I is for Invoke

Invoke as defined on is to call with earnest desire; make supplication or pray for or to call on a deity or muse.

When I look at invoking the Goddess however, many books like “Drawing Down the Moon”, refer to this is a form of voluntary possession.  A person is actually calling out to the deity to enter their body and communicate with them directly or with others using the person as a vehicle to share that message. 

In the following video, Sorita E’Este describes how one might invoke the Goddess Hecate.

As part of my research for this post I had a look at evoke, which is sometimes used interchangeably for invoke and found most define it as more of a request to join or a reminder of a particular style for example and less like a demand for presence.   

So if we were to say, this piece evokes Michangleo, we mean that the style reminds us or brings forth the same essence of the artist. 

As part of my rituals and in some of my work on Samhain, I do invoke the Goddess Hecate to come and share her wisdom with me.  I ask that through her the spirits of those who have past come and give their knowledge or share their stories with me.  I never “demand” the presence or summon spirits to participate in my rites.   To mean, invoking is calling out to a deity and inviting them to enter my body.  It’s not a summoning or demeaning thing. 

After I get my space ready and cleanse the area, I use the "Invocation of the Goddess Hekate" from the Rite of her Sacred Fires.

I am always extremely respectful when I work with magic.  In my opinion it’s a bit arrogant to expect Gods and Goddesses to be sitting around waiting to be called into a circle.  I think that they have more important things to do than worry about a football game or to make sure my computer boots in the morning.  I think what many people miss is that we are on auto play.  Our world, our lives play out and unfold each day before us without any big plan from the higher ups.  I think that our goal should be to just be good to each other.  

We call our deities to help us understand a situation or an outcome.  Ask them to give us the wisdom to react to this ride called life in a caring and understanding way.  We are not here to demand anything; instead we are here to learn from those that have gone before us, call upon them for guidance and wisdom and forego the request for a touchdown.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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