My Philosophy on Life

Over the past year I've struggled with dealing with birth family issues, weight loss/gain, starting a new business and re-opening an old one.  All while working a full time job.  I've started working with clay and sculpting as well as doing other odds and ends.  I've joined many groups on Facebook related to these different aspects of my life.

This past week an incident occurred in one of my groups that really bugged me.  Someone shared an art piece they did and another member shared that piece outside the group in such a way as to mock the artist, simply because they did not like it.

One word came to mine.  Asshole.

As I began to dig around in my brain about why this bothered me so much I began to see a pattern emerge.  I don’t mind if other people are not like me.  I really don’t.  But why ya gotta be an asshole? (Yeah I went there) let’s examine this.

Pat Robertson. 
Dear Pat, you can bible thump till the cows come home.  You can believe whatever you want to believe and I will defend your right to worship as you choose.  Just don’t be an ass about it.

Bryan Fischer.
Dear Bryan, you can hate gay people.  You can believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. You can believe that the Boy Scouts of America are wrong for allowing gay scouts.  Just don’t be an ass about it.

Westboro Baptist Church.
Dear WBC, you can hate everyone.  You can witness to people, you can even make up little parody songs if you want to.  But please… please don’t be an ass about it.

People for the Ethical of Animals
Dear PETA, you can believe it’s great to be a vegetarian.  You can make “Go Daddy” style videos to try to help people adopt a healthier, more animal friendly stance on food.  Again.. just don’t be an ass about it.

See that’s the problem with many people in the world today.  They are not happy just being an advocate for what they want to accomplish in life.  They want to make those decisions for everyone.  No one can live and let live.

If your religion says it’s a sin to have gay sex, guess what… don’t have gay sex.  It doesn't say that I can’t have gay sex.  It says YOU can’t have gay sex.

If your personal belief is that it is wrong to have a dog as a pet, then don’t have one.   But don’t try to make it illegal for me to have one.

If you believe that it is wrong to eat meat, then don’t eat meat.  Do NOT walk around trying to outlaw bacon!

I posted a similar status message related to not condemning others for their likes and a friend shared the following video.

I love it!  That’s exactly it.  In my discussions with Hubby we talked about how people shouldn't be an ass about things.  I think that maybe dick maybe more fitting.

So if only just for today, if you don’t like something… Don’t be a dick about it.

Namaste & Blessed Be


*Note:  Asses are all over the place, not just in the areas mentioned above.  Everyone has an ass and yes, some of them stink.

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