Pagan Blog Project 2013 - M is for Moon Magic

The moon is one of the most important bodies to me and many witches alike.  She controls the tides on our planet and even the tides within the bodies of women and in my opinion men as well, though less apparent. 

We use the phases of the moon to preform our magic.  Each phase has a different skill set, if you will, allowing us to start new projects, wrap up old one and banish negativity from us.  The magic of the moon has been in my life since I was a small child.  I remember laying outside on the ground looking up that the full moon in all her glory, tracing the craters with my eyes, memorizing her shape and features.  I was look up at her and know that somewhere, out there, somewhere my soul mate was lying on the ground, looking up at her and thinking of me as well.

Over the years my faith changed and like any other organic being I thrived wherever I was planted; always looking to the moon for comfort. 

Today I find myself in the service of the Goddess Hecate.  Her Moon is the Dark Moon.  I find myself doing much of my spell work for spiritual purposes during this time.  However my first love is still that big ole full moon in all her glory. 

When my hubby and I were first dating he came to the door one night to pick me up for a date and grabbed my hand… He said, “Follow me, I have something for you.”   I took his hand and we walked down the steps of the townhouse and out to the road.  There just above the street lights of Scripts Ranch was the biggest moon I had ever seen.  She was amazing.  He said, “Look what I got for you.” 

To this day, when we see the moon we still embrace, surrounded by the energy and that wonderful moon magic.

Recently after one of my rituals I found myself lying in the moonbeams.  My bed is positioned so that when the moon is full, the moon beams come in and dance across my bed sheets.  I rolled over to cuddle closer to my hubby and felt the energy surge through my body.  Softly caressing the buttons across my handmade quilt, I felt it rise and fall. 

My breath quickened and my heart fluttered just a bit as the circles I drew with my fingers round the buttons moved faster and more deliberate.  I pointed my toes and embraced the moon’s energy filling my body completely.  The power was astonishing. 

I've tried to venture back to that spot, where I felt that energy several times over the last year and it escapes me.  Only once have I been able to draw down the energy and have it fill my entire body.  I’m still not completely sure if the energy I felt was of the Goddess’ energy entering me or what.  The deep rhythmic motion sometimes leads me to believe that perhaps it was more like a magical moon masturbation instead.

Either way, on each full moon, you’ll find me there lying in wait for her satisfying return.

Namaste & Blessed Be


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