Pagan Blog Project 2013 - N is for Name

N is for Name

Many articles, posts and discussions have been held on the art of selecting a magical name.  Some choose the characteristics they’d like to claim or maybe some they already have.  For example, if a person chooses an animal, perhaps the word eagle as part of their name, we can assume they are trying to adopt some of the qualities of the bird.  Perhaps strength, power or mental alertness can be attributed to the bird. 

Sometimes words are taken from other languages to give a bit of elegance to the name.  Arne for example is Scandinavian for eagle.  Akylas from the Greek and Ander from Old Norse, for the word eagle. 

Picking a magical name is often part of the path for those starting in some of the different paths of Paganism.  At any given pagan event there are bound to be tons of people with the names Morrighan, Pendragon and Gaia. 

For many years I played several online role play games.  In these magical worlds I could create a sorcerer to control the magical arts or a druid that would call upon the forces of nature to do its biding.  More often than not I created a druid.  This character would have the ability to summon rain at will, to command lightning bolts to destroy enemies.  She would summon hordes of locust or vines from the ground forcing them to grow up and control her very environment.

Sitting in the apartment of a dear friend, we thumbed through a character naming book.  I found a name that intrigued me.  Sosanna.  The name was from the traditional Gaelic and was said to mean “Lily”.  I loved it.  I took it as my magical name and added the title “Belladonna - The Nightshade”.   Little did I know some 26 years later, I would be a devotee of the Goddess Hecate; who is said to be liked with belladonna.

Today I feel very comfortable with my magical name choice.  Many choose names and rename themselves several times throughout their lifetime.  This name has stuck with me and I cherish it.
Namaste & Blessed Be

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