Pagan Blog Project 2013 - O is for Out of Body Experience

The web defines an out of body experience as being a dis-associative experience of observing oneself from an external perspective as though your mind or soul had left the body.  Some people try to trigger this with external items such as mind altering drugs or have had it happen as in near death experiences.

When I was a child, around 12 or thirteen I told my mother that I didn't feel well.  I had been sick for a few days and but not enough to manage a doctor’s visit.  I remember feeling very very hot.  I was sweating.  I got up from my bed and looked back down at my body lying there.  My separate self got up and walked into the back of our mobile home and watched my parents sleeping. 
I could hear my body tossing and turning.  I was crying.  I called out to my mother to turn off the heat, my separate self watched my mother raise her head and yell, go to sleep.  My separate self went back to the bed room and rejoined my body.

The following day I continued to tell my mother I didn't feel well.  She was having a dinner party and I had a friend staying over.  The friend came over and I just wanted to lay in the bed.  My mother made me get up and walk about ½ mile to the local grocery store for a loaf of bread.  When I got to the store I passed out and my friend asked the station to call my house.  My mother sent someone to get us and when I got back home I went into my room and fell on the bed.  Again my separate self left my body.  I could see flames come up around all the sides of my bed.  I could see my friend sitting next to the bed complaining that I wasn't up playing.

I remember I was hot, I was so hot.  I wanted a friend of the family come in and sit beside my body. She laid her hand on my head and gasped.  She yelled for my mother to come in and they rushed me to the hospital.  I was admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia.  I was extremely dehydrated and apparently delusional. 

To this day I remember how at ease I felt floating around my house and watching all the excitement.  I remember seeing my unconscious body on the bed and wondering if I was actually dead.  I remember feeling happy.

I didn't see a bright light, or hear any voices calling me to the light.  I just remembered finally feeling at peace. I never had another experience like that again. It was pretty amazing.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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