Saying Goodbye

July 1, 2013

Today is a day I've been expecting for a very long time.  This morning the phone rang and my hubby answered it.  My grandmother was being worked on by the paramedics.  They called us to come immediately.

I sat in the truck watching the water roll off the window.  Showers again today.  We pulled along the ditch next to the house and he walked up to the house to get the confirmation.

As he walked back to the truck my eyes watched the water in the ditch puddle up.  She was gone.  Her life here was long. She grew up in a world without cable tv.  She told me stories of plucking chickens for Sunday dinner while we were making biscuits on Sundays. The light in her eyes has been growing dim over the last few years.  Her spirit, tired from being here on this earth so long.

When I’d see her she’d tell me…  “I miss Joe”   Her husband had passed over 50 years ago.  She is, was … was an amazing women and my life is better.  

Joseph Thomas Smith Sr. & Julia Eva Loftin Smith

I am better for living with her the first five years of my life.  I am better for knowing her these last 44 years.   I am better for having stood beside her every Sunday over the last 6 years, making biscuits with my grandma.

She’s a Christian woman, and wanted to be buried in a wood coffin, she believed, “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.”

I hope she finds him there waiting for her.  Taking her hand and walking her into the next part of her journey.  For me, I light a single candle to aid her in her journey.

I love you Grandma

In loving memory of Julia Eva Loftin Smith 
July 23, 1915 - July 1, 2013

Namaste & Blessed Be

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